Top Ten Reasons Kath is NOT Better than Rumi

Written by Godai

10. She is a japanese school girl from japan who has been wearing a uniform all her life. It is what she is comfortable in. Best taste in clothes. (The school girl uniform has been done to death.)

9. Ok i'll give this one but we don't have proof that makes it definate. Need more elaboration from T.
Relates to other females as well as the males.

8. Who needs a cat?
Her cat is a clone of the Simpson's cat.
7. She doesn't want to be an artist. She wants to be THE artist, a great manga writer. Her ambitions can come true. Kats are a power hungry dream where the most she is likly to be queen of is a bunch of para-military.
Aims High

6. I can't remember seeing it but I would be very very surprised if Rumi didn't own a bokken or at least a shinai because of her martial arts.
She owns her own sword. (Take that, Xena.)

5. No need on this one
Actual Fan (Rumi, of course, is most definately a fan and is exempt from this example.)

4. With some things in life one way is never the best way to do it. What happened to her chess game. It didn't work.
Sometimes the best way isn't to play silly little mind games and to simply get physical. Actions speak louder then words.

3. Why did Rumi come to the U.S.?
Why is it her sister that came and not her parents?
How much actual martial arts training has she had?
How long before she ends up having her parents arrange a fiance or is that why she left? There are just as many questions for Rumi as Kath. Kath just has had the spot light cause of her run as prez and subsequent fall. One hell of a backstory.

2. We seam to have dealt primarily with egomaniacal villains and secret organizations. hence Kat's knowledge.
Rumi, alisin and kat all have different spheres of knowledge since they are all stereotypes to some point or should we say avatars.
Conflict exists in Rumi, that one strip shows it perfectly. Her emotions always put her in conflict because of the rigidity of her youth.

Best Personality

1. Bah. I'd rather have Rumi any day. I wouldn't have to worry about near as many mind games as kat would sure to play. And while i've yet to experience chubby fan nookie as in a fan of this sort I can say chubby fan nookie from a fan of a different sort (sports) was not that fuffilling at all.
Besides i have the feeling most discussios whith Kat would end up debates while snuggling up with Rumi after a nice long talk would be nice.

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