Top 10 reasons why Nodrog isn't happy.

Written by Nodrog

10: Virtualy no chance of winning a publicly aclaimed award for his VS thread.
9: Only one or two people beside Nodrog have written more of the VS story.
8: None of those have done it very recently.
7: Not enough panty shots of Rumy, despite the numerous recent oppurtunities.
6: Nodrog has yet to be proclaimed perpetual wearer of the Weirdest Hyperman Theorizer crown.
5: The law of fives just isn't that funny anymore.
4: IC trapped aboard the Satelite of Fans, and OOC wishing he was trapped aboard the Satelite of Fans.
3: Nodrog has yet to be showered with the praise and money he feels he deserves.
2: T claims that whole 'He knew that she knew' panel was a mistake on his part, and not elaborate foreshadowing on the part of Alisin's charachter.
1: Nodrog suspects that this thread is going to further devolve into a bunch of petty, personal lists like this one.

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