Top eleven reasons why Leroy is the coolest Fans villian ever (aka the Top-ten list from What-the-Heck-was-he-thinking-land)

Written by Czhorat

11) Known by children everywhere. Not quite as evil as Barney or the Teletubbies, but close.
10) Like Gunth, has the remarkable ability to quickly anallyze the amount of force he's going up against.
9) When the going got tough, he... ran away. Mayby not courageous, but it does speek well of him IQ wise.
8) Not counting Thack sticking something in her ear or Big Red as a villian, Leroy is the villian to come the closest to intimacy with Rumy.
7) MOST UNUSUAL SKIN COLOR (Again, not counting Big Red as a villian)
6) Actually walked around with real life fans, unlike a certain super-villian who just stayed in the basement (and yes, Thack, I am talking about you)
5) First person we actually saw Miller kill (Remember, Sully (?sp?) was just hit by a paint bullet)
4) Appeared in the longest running panel of the series, multiple times.
3) Managed to be sympathy-envoking DESPITE having the name 'Leroy'. Angel is a pathos-envoking name, Leroy is just a pathetic name.
2) He's a vampire who never hunmg around in a pancake resteraunt (that we saw). 'nuff said.
1) He's the only villian who's had the grace to actually DIE in the comic. (Thack? Carted away. Miller and Sully(?sp?)? Running around free. The Xeno-Chiclets and/or FIB? Still doing their thing. Lance and/or Hyperman? Unresolved. Both are still going around, doing their thing. Cyber-Thack? Never was an official villian and could still be busy running as the CEO of AOL.)

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