Top Ten reasons Kath is better

Written by Wish

10. Best taste in clothes. (The school girl uniform has been done to death. Goth leather is SO 1992. Kathrine is the only female character who doesn't dress to fit a cliche 24/7. Yes, she does indulge in S.C.A. garb, but she has a life outside of the queenly role, especially now that she's trying to be more Katherine than Katherine the First.)
9. Relates to other females as well as the males. (When was the last time you saw Alisin and Rumi have a heart to heart? Or Alisin and Shanna? Katherine is the only woman in the group to have a close female friend in Shanna. Alisin, for the most part, spends all her time cooped up with Rikk ,and Rumi.. well... Rumi doesn't seem to join with the rest of the group until the end of the plot.. She's always off in a shell shocked daze, counting in Japanese, being impregnated by Xenochiclets, or just... not there. Until the 'Loving the Alien' arc, I thought she was a cameo.)
8. Her cat is a clone of the Simpson's cat. (Nuff said.)
7. Aims High (She wanted to be the Queen. You gotta respect that. Not the Duchess, not the Countess, not the Lady... The QUEEN. Offical Ruler of It All. That's a big time goal. What's Alisin's biggest goal? Shocking Rikk. Where's the challenge in that? Rumi's goal of being an artist is one I share, but it's still not a sizeable as being in charge of everything.)
6. She owns her own sword. (Take that, Xena.)
5. Actual Fan (Okay, this is a dig at Alisin who doesn't seem to actually care that much about the whole 'fan club' thing whenever it isn't exciting. Admitedly, Rikk seems to be turning her around, but she's still in it for HIM, not because she finds 'Star Tech' endlessly facinating. Rumi, of course, is most definately a fan and is exempt from this example.)
4. She's a brilliant stratagist. (I'd like to see Rumi or Alisin have a verbal chess match with an FIB agent. While Rumi and Alisin are not without their means of getting things done by any stretch of the imagination, Kathrine's plans are usually a bit more complex than 'Moon the FIB.' or 'Kick offending superhero in the face.' Signs of a highly intelligent mind.)
3. One hell of a backstory. (How edgy cam you get? She's had two children? Mysterious relations with her family? A relationship with Shanna that has yet to be fully explored, and other strange, hints of past mistakes, past hurts, and past lives that no-one really knows about? Beats Ms. 'I'm a Wild Child on My Last Fling' and Miss 'My Family Just Doesn't Understand.'
2. Best Personality (Hands down, in my book. She's widely knowledgeable, yet often rendered frustratingly helpless and angry about it. She's strong enough to know when a relationship has become destrimental and has the courage to cut it off, without playing mind games. She has CONFLICTS. Conflicts of interest, conflicts of emotion, conflicts of loyalties... and as I always say, conflict makes a story. She's worldly and street-wise, but not bitter and acidic, and when she makes mistakes, she learns solid, healthy lessons from them. Unlike Rumi who seems to have taken up a hatred of almost all men.. Anyway, in my opinion, her mental workings are the most facinating and enjoyable to watch. And that brings me to my last point...)
1. Chubby fan girl nookie is ten million times better than anything offered by a boney goth or an underdeveloped school girl. (I should know. Mwahahaha!)

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