Top Ten Reasons why Gunth has to be more then he seems.

Written by Nodrog

10: Gunth is the only member of the Faans who COULD have been one of the three cultists.
9: Gunth is the only member of the Faans we've linked to the 23 sider of power as a point of origin.
8: Gunth has NEVER (to the best of my knowledge) been at a battle scene yet. Why? He's obviously saving himself for something big.
7: Gunth is able to tolerate Tim. This is an AMAZING power. I still have trouble believing it.
6: Gunth is aware of the strength of enemy forces without even seeing them.
5: Gunth was the one who figured out Thack's B-Mod reciever chip, AND was able to transmit the trivia file without being mesmerized. (Note, even Shanna had to shield herself from the onslaught of data)
5: The law of fives. (Note: The law of fives came about when someone offered it as an excuse for why I had two item number fives in a thread. I don't drop stuff like that easy.)
4: Gunth looks too much like Thack to be a coincidence.
3: None of the Fans ever seem surprised that Gunth is or isn't there. In fact, when he's not there, he's rarely mentioned.
2: Gunth is the only member of the Fans to regularly wear glasses.
1: Gunth follows the Bobba Fett formula for popularity. (Appear only a few times, have cool stuff, never wear an easily activated rocket pack.)

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