Top Ten reasons Tom the Fanboy is the coolest Fans related character

Written by that genius Czhorat

10. He's a roleplayer AND a comics fan AND a Star Wars fan. It's nice to see someone interested in a broad area of fandom, and isn't easy to pin down as a costume guy, sex-crazed ugly fan, or trekkie.

9. Tom the Fanboy is three dimensional.

8. In a world of waif-thin supermodels, he's confessed an attraction to "chubb fan girls". I know Will shares this, but the objects of Rikk and Tim's obsessions are both very skinny. It's nice to see the amazing fanboy end up with the healthy, full figured woman someplace other than a Spider Robinson novel.

7. Cross-continental romances are very sweet and cool. It's cool to have the patience to ignore your logical good sense and maintain a relationship with someone who isn't geographically convenient.

6. Tom the Fanboy never rests. If someone starts a thread at 3 in the morning, you can bet that Tom will follow up. Since New Years Day, he has 279 Keenspace posts. A handful of them actually make sense.

5. Tom's done some very funny and bizzarre Fans fan-art (this is using the word "art" in its loosest sense possible). Nobody in the Fans universe has ever done any Tom-art.

4. Tom the Fanboy has a cool name, and the attitude to match! Identifying oneself as a "fanboy" implies a youthful exhuberence, an ability to take yourself less than 100% seriously, and playful fanaticism.

3. People with "the" in the middle of their names are cool! Think of William the Conquerer, Alexander the Great, Suliman the Magifencet, Conan the Barbarian, Ivan the Terrible, Jack the Ripper. Well, OK, forget those last two. And forget that "Fanboy" isn't as cool as "Conqueror" or "Great" or "Magnificent". In fact, forget this whole item.

2. Tom the Fanboy isn't afraid to get caught up in just and noble causes. To date, the only thing I've seen him try to do is subvert MTV's Total Request Live ( and get everyone to wear their bathrobes all day once a month (was that you, Tom?). I'm sure he has a really noble cause planned once he solidifies his power base.

1. His slightly off-center perpective, humor, and sheer energy make reading Fans even more of a pleasure than it already was. For the time and energy you've spent on this board, cataloging our Top 10 lists and other silliness on your web-page, and just for being you, I thank you on behalf of all of the Fans fans.

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