Top Ten reasons T is the best web comic guy around

Written by Tom the Fanboy

10-He's a guy so he doesn't have to compete with Maritza Campos. (I'd have said person but I didn't want to cause a ruckuss).

9-He doesn't weasel out and stick his fans with "sick day comics" like Pete Abrams.

8- He'd go to a convention just for the convention! Even if he wasn't participating in the staffing/guest part. He even did so in his own comic! (see The Fandom Menace)

7- He's got Harlan Ellison kicking but in his comic!

6-Fans service. Panty shots and dominatrixes weaved seamlessly into the storyline without dominating it. (such as Exploitation Now)

5-He'll give you a free comic book if you write and enthusiastic enough letter. (that's how I got issue 5 of Fans, I've been a Fan since the crossover after all. My copy has the order form cut out of the back)

4-He writes from the heart about things we can all relate to.

3-He manages to write for TWO fabulous comics, manages to keep up with the web board for each, and isn't discouraged by harsh and unrelenting criticism. (Probably due to moral support of his legions back here)
*takes a moment to pat himself on the back*

2-He actually communicates very openly with his fans! To the point of sharing brainwaves with us from time to time! (see Satellite of Fans!)

1-He manages to get all the credit for a comic that takes a whole team of people to build. Poor Greg, T gets the credit and the "flavor of the month" artist gets all the attantion! (I really apreciate their work I just thought I'd try and be cute )

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