Top Ten reasons Alisin is better than Rumi

Written by Czhorat

10. If you ever need to borrow manacles from somebody, she's the one to ask.
9. Alisin is immune to knockout drugs.
8. Alisin will try ANYTHING (from kinky sex to marriage) with an open-minded, carefree attitude.
7. Alisin often goes without pants.
6. "Life's a bitch, Rikkie; make her your bitch".
5. Alisin mooned the head of the FiB!
4. Alisin would have known what Todd was about right away - but not cared.
3. Alisin never performs physically unlikely flying kicks.
2. Alisin's presence in the SF club drives Kath and Will crazy.
1. She's a Goth; 'nuff said.

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