Top Ten Reasons Why You Should All Bow Down Before Me!

Written by blank

10. I Drew Alisin in tight, shiny leather, fulfilling many a poster's dream (you know who you are...)
9. When I first met T at the first Animazement, I gave him an extra dollar for Faans #1.
8. I put a Dragonball Z costume in Will's room in today's strip (Feb 26). So there!
7. I am First Fan among you, as proclaimed by Tom the Fanboy in a post from a few months ago!
6. I've been in this damn industry for 7 frikkin' years!!! Where's the props????
5. I am named after a god! And, yes, it's my real name.
4. I was able to watch Heavy Metal 2 and walk away with no brain damage.
3. I get to draw Rumi in her natural state: manga style all the way, baby!
2. I know how the story ends!
1. I know who/what Gunth is.....!!

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