Top Ten Video Games

Written by Tom the Fanboy

10 Legend of the Mystical Ninja (This was an old standby in the rental section)
9 Swords and Serpants (a very clever NES RPG)
8 FF8 (great romance, mediocre gameplay)
7 Grenada (old Genesis tank game, anyone remember this?)
6 FF7 (mini games! Whoo!)
5 Silent Hill (The only game that's ever scared me)
4 Legend of Zelda (the NES hit that helped me memorize my aunt's phone number to ask her for hints)
3 FF9 (All the effects of 7 and 8 with the gameplay of 3)
2 FF3 (The one that hooked me. Go Gogo!)
1 Bust-a-Move (my crack)

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