These are the smileys used by T during the Thrown Switch text-based story. This chart was built by Bo Lindbergh

anguish      anguish
blind      blind
blushes   blushes
calls      calls
dignity      dignity
diplomat      diplomat
doubts doubts
eek      eek
frowns    frowns
frownsaway      frownsaway
frownsdown      frownsdown
frownsdownpale      frownsdownpale
frownsmad     frownsmad
frownssleepy     frownssleepy
gapes      gapes
gasps      gasps
grin    grin
grinsevil      grinsevil
grits      grits
joy     joy
knows      knows
kod      kod
mad  mad
madover      madover
madred      madred
neutral      neutral
pain      pain
pants      pants
pissy     pissy
quiet      quiet
restrained      restrained
rolleyes      rolleyes
scared    scared
serious      serious
shocked      shocked
scowls      scowls
shrieks      shrieks
smiles   smiles
smilessleepy      smilessleepy
smirks      smirks
stares     stares
thinks  thinks
thinkspale      thinkspale
thinkssmiles      thinkssmiles
wry     wry
yells    yells

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