A Shakespearean Fanfic for Fans!

by Chibikochan

"Ru-MY!" Alisin stormed down the stairs, shaking her fist in her temper. Only partially dressed, aside from the underwear, and hip-long T-shirt that read 'If I throw a stick, will you go away?', Alisin was sure to attract attention; precisely what she wanted.

Since the club had decided to go on vacation, from all the nightmarish adventures they'd been having as of late, the funds had been scraped together to stay in a hotel with fine enough arrangements for most of them. There were three rooms, and thirteen people to inhabit them, with the amount of money that the group had available to them. The boys mostly collected themselves to one room, whereas the girls had decided to take the other two. Seeing as the women had threatened to make life miserable for the men if they had to share a room, the men happily obliged the room to them.

"...Alisin, what on Earth--" Rumy started, glancing up from her sketchbook. Propped at the window, Rumy had begun to sketch the view from the hotel room. The lake, which placidly insisted upon attention, was centered in a valley between mountains and a forest. The sight was inspiring, though Rumy had some trouble focusing.

"...Don't 'what on Earth?' me, you dirty little slut! I found your underwear in Rikk's room! How can you explain that!?" Alisin waved the panties that she'd been gripping in a trembling hand, sending such an evil look to Rumy that it would have frozen blood.

"...She doesn't have to. Those are mine," Meighan stepped out of the designated ladies bathroom, and leaned against the doorframe, "...and any one of those men could have taken those from me. Tim, most likely."

"....Oh. " Alisin, her temper losing the steam necessary to punish Rumy for anything, and the reason for her surface anger, stared blankly at the underwear in her hand, before sighing, and tossing it towards Meighan, "...Well, then, sorry, Rumy."

"...Hai, hai..." Rumy muttered to herself, knowing full well that Alisin was looking for an excuse to go off on her. One of the reasons that Rumy suggested that she and Alisin not stay in the same room.

"...Alisin, what was that commo--Oh, wait a second!" Rikk, who was on his way down the staircase in their room, noticed Alisin's receding fury, and the fact that she wasn't wearing anything beneath her t-shirt other than her underwear. He threw the towel he had taken with him around her waist in a minor panic, knowing that he'd have to go back up and get another if he wanted to go swimming.

"Hey, hon, how are ya?" Alisin, as casually as though she were fully dressed, leered at her husband, before winking. Before Rikk had the chance to respond, she pressed a kiss to his cheek in passing, and started her way back to her room to finish dressing, handing back the towel. Rikk, confused, shrugged it off, and accepted the towel by draping it over his shoulder.

"...I don't think I'll ever get used to her...Still..."Rikk cast a loving gaze up after his wife, momentarily lost in his thoughts. Some of them revolved around changing his mind, to go back up and join her.

"Looks like Rikk needs a good dunk in some cold water. Thankfully, he's already dressed for the occasion," Kath had stepped inside, drying off from her own recent swim. It was perfect weather, and most everyone had the same thought. She grinned sweetly towards Rikk.

"Hah, hah." Rikk sarcastically glowered towards Kath, continuing to the bottom of the staircase. Rumy had started giggling, and Meighan was on her way back to her room.

"...Rumy, did you see that cannonball that Tim did?" Kath snickered as she approached her Asian friend, patting one hand on Rumy's shoulder. Rumy started, then nodded faintly in her response. She didn't quite seem to focus on the conversation.

"You alright?" Kath blinked in a bit of shock, her eyebrows furrowing in concern. Rumy was quiet, but not this quiet.

"...Mostly, Kath. I'm still trying to become inspired, but this just isn't working, even here," Rumy shrugged her shoulders, resultingly moving Kath's hand away from her. Kath wondered if it was intentional.

"My friends, we are in a conundrum of moments, you must come see!!" Guthrie burst into the room, the door slamming hard enough against the wall that it left a serious mark.

"...Aw, shoot, y'all made us hafta pay more fer nuthin'!" Stu sauntered out from whatever rock he'd been hiding under, gesturing to the mark.

"...I have no time for you, you conniving semi-neanderthal!" Guthrie blurted excitedly. Stu had a lot of objections, but wasn't able to get them out before Guthrie continued, "...There's an anomaly in the fabric of space and time!"

"What are you saying, Guthrie?" Kath asked, astonishingly calm in contrast to Guthrie's stark energy levels. Guthrie never seemed so frightened.

"There's an Aurora Borealis overhanging the lake!" Guthrie cried, pointing towards the fantastic colors outside the window. Startled, Rumy gazed at the sight. Surely enough, there was a stunning array of beautiful abnormalities in the sky...surprisingly close!

It was then that things began to get stanger. The sky blackened behind the aurora, and the lake sharpened it's mirrorlike qualities. Below, the Fans could see their friends staring towards the aurora in the same amount of awe as anyone else. The aurora began to grow, it's light fraying and growing more dynamic, stretching across the boundary between the sky and earth. One beam of light swept over Fanboy, and moved on. Fanboy no longer existed where he had just stood.

"Oh mah gawd!!!" Stu yelled, and ran for the door in his sudden overwhelming cowardice. More and more people were disappearing, and as the light touched to the club members inside the hotel, they were gone. Vanished, or so it seemed...

Meighan's panties lay strewn on the floor of their hotel room.

End Prologue

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