The Satellite of Fans theme song!
as done by Nodrog

In the not too distant future,
(Yesterday, to be exact)
Doc T. Forrestor was sick of our
guesses being fact!

He built a ship from other parts,
And after a few false starts,

He said we needed a nice long rest,
So he sent us on an adventure quest,

The 23-sider we would not drop,
So he sent us on this ship to give us sci-fi Slop!

Nodrog: "He knew she knew!!!"

Various people on the Sattelite of Fans:
"We'll post our cheesy theories, the closest we can guess...

Our accuracy on the boards makes us a bunch of pests!

Now keep in mind T can't control,
When the sataliters go and post...
He'll have to drive them insane,
or his big surprises are toast!

FANS fans rolecall


"It's L.I.E., I tell you!"



"Whadya mean there's no popcorn?"

Tom Fanboy

"Buy my book!"

If you're wondering why T just doesn't kill us all,
Shut up or we're doomed to fall,

"Buy my book!"

from FANS Theatre, 3000 (point 1415926...)

SOF Billberg

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