The Satellite of Fans theme song!

In the not too distant future Next Sunday AD
There was this darn cool forum
With posters like you or me

We worked at Gizmonic institute
just another face in a red jump suit
We did a good job cheering up the place
but we outguessed T plotlines so he shot us into space

"I'll send them well loved movies.
They'll pick, I don't mind. (la la la)
They'll get to sit and watch them all
and their secrets I will find."

Now keep in mind we can control
when the movie begins or ends
because we typed this up ourselves
because we're all good friends...

"First Dibs!" Roll Call
Juzda............(Ahoy Cap'n!)
Vallie...........(A girl!)
Tom Fanboy.......(What a cool guy.)
Skraaaaaaaaaap...(Can ya drop it already?)

If you're wondering how they
eat and breathe and other science facts (la la la)
Just repeat to yourself it's a fanfic
I should really just relax.

"Fans board MSTing Theater 3000!!!!!"


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