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Eating, Breathing, and Other Science Officer Nodrog's Log, entry 01:

I and several other posters to the Fans message board have awoken aboard a strange vessal, seemingly made of a conglomoration of parts taken from various science fiction vessels. So far, we've located a Tardis (non-functional), two Voyager shuttle-craft (also non-functional), one of the space pods from 2001 (you guessed it, non-functional), and a soda-machine with a large hammer laying next to it. After I identified the last is a reference to Douglas Adam's 'The Dark Tea-Time of the Soul', there was much rejoicing. Of course, that could be because Captain Nicolas Juzda used the hammer to get us all free sodas.

So far, despite the fact that I was the one to insist that we choose ranks and positions for ourselves, noone is listening to my insistance that this is all part of a complex L.I.E. plot. However, when you examine the internal evidence of the situation...


Requisitions Officer Tom: Ok, Nodrog, stop hogging the tape recorder!

Nodrog looked up from where he sat atop of what appeared to be a black obelisk from 2001 laying on it's side. His plump (ok, ok, fat) body and at-times-childish behavior meant his 6'4 height was rarely noticable unless someone was next to him. However, Requisitions Officer Tom was right next to him, and demanding the tape recorder First Officer Vallie had found in the box marked 'Miscelaneous Junk'.

Nodrog sighed and handed the tape recorder over. "Say, you don't think we should have actually played the tape before recording over it, do you? I mean, there was that post-it note..."

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