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Welcome aboard! Let me introduce you to the crew efore I say anything else.

Captain Nicolas Juzda
First officer Vallie
EB&O Science Officer Nodrog
Requisitions Officer Tom the Fanboy
Reverend Alladin Sane
Doctor BlackJack Gabbiani
Ensign Roscrow
Ensign Redshirtone
Ensign Redshirttwo
Ensign Redshirtthree

OK! Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves. We were imprisoned here on the Sattelite of Fans by the insidious Doctor T Forrestor for out guessing his newest plotlines and so he's imprisoned us here on this weird orbital station. Here's Nodrog with is First Analysis.

Now that you have bit of an idea what's going on here Let me give you our story musically. It might help you "get it". If not, here's another version by Officer Nodrog. [i]breaks character[/i] OK, WE aren't doing this anymore but why take down a page I made a custom graphic for? Here's the original Mistings by T and Greg. They had to be moved here to avoid the bogies of hollywood lawyers! *shiver*
The Phantom Menace
Pokemon: The First Movie
Pokemon 2000
The Matrix

And behold! The Holy Grail of the SoF, the MSTing of The Fandom Menace!

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