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The following is a post made by Muttley on the current Fans! board.
I will be making copies of these pages to keep them safe. Until then enjoy the threads!

The Q&A threads are on the Keenspace boards.

The order of posts is messed up in the Keespace forums, as a result of an imperfect recovery from the last crash. Also, some of the contributors identities were lost, and they appear as "Guest".

There was a thread where we were able to put questions to the Fans, which happened two years ago, on 24th May 2001 just before the rescue of Shanna in the Hell storyline. This was called [url=]"The Q and A thread"[/url] :D

Then FrustratedPilot [url=]suggested that the Fans should question us[/url]. Enough of us said yes! And So It Came To Pass! (Look for a post in each thread from T Campbell, Lt. Commander; this will be the question from the character in the thread title.)

[url=]Rikk's Question[/url]
[url=]Shanna's Question[/url]
[url=]Alisin's Question[/url]
[url=]Katherine's Question[/url]
[url=]Will's Question[/url]
[url=]Rumy's Question[/url]
[url=]Tim's Question [/url]

This was a great, and wholly fannish, activity, and I for one loved it. I only wished I could have thought of some better questions, and answers.

A couple of us decided this was a good way to start a topice and posed our own Faans fans questions, which had little to do with the original idea:
[url=]Zane314's Question[/url]
[url=]Muttley's Question[/url]

And at the same time we had [url=]Jason Waltrips "questions"[/url].


Well thanks Muttley! Again, I'll be copying these to my own pages and maybe even editting them a bit so they make more sense.
-Tom the Fanboy

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