The Glass Panel


1. Betty and Jughead stand together. Jughead is aloof; he never was fond of mushy stuff, and Betty’s giving him a boatload of it now. Betty is so relieved she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and she wraps her hands together as if in prayer.
Note: the background around them is TOTALLY DIFFERENT–it’s still changing, even if they’re not. It’s now a park.
Betty: You… you know…?
Jughead: Yeah, yeah. We’re all comics characters, Svenson keeps hitting our "reset" buttons, we haven’t changed, we haven’t grown, and you see this as a bad thing.
Betty: You’re going to help me… I’m not alone anymore…?
Jughead: I think you should know that I’m feeling very depressed, now.
2. Jughead folds his arms and looks at the gravel as if it’s done something to offend him.
Jughead: I had all the naptime I wanted… but you had to sit there and… be crying. Now I gotta make something of myself. Everyone’ll think we’re an "item."
3. Betty hugs Juggie, and with an expression of distaste, he tries to shove her away, though it’s not quite the violent shove that he’d give anyone else.
Betty: Thank you.
Jughead: What we have here is a failure to communicate.

1. Betty lets go of Jughead, and he fastidiously straightens his crown.
Betty: Okay, sorry.
Jughead: Good.
Betty: I mean, I do know how you feel about…
Jughead: Can we just get this over with, please?
2. Betty and Jughead stand in silhouette. Long shot, taking in all the park.
Betty: I don’t know how to start. People don’t believe me when I tell them… and I think I come off as trustworthy…
Jughead: Well, without proof, it’s just too mind-blowing…
3. Close-up head shot: Jughead strokes his chin.
Jughead: Well, except maybe for one mind…
4. Int. Dilton’s workshop. Dilton is showing Moose his creation of the week, an exoskeleton made of steel and plastic. Dilton’s trying to use it, but he’s halfway to doing a Chevy Chase keel-over. Moose looks almost condescending.
Dilton: Problem is (yulp) I can’t figure how to (mmph) balance it right.
Moose: When we work out, Coach says we gotta do figgerin’ with our muscles.
5. As the foot of Dilton’s exoskeleton goes flying up in the air, Moose opens the door on Jughead and Betty.
Dilton: Gosh, Moose, that’s deep of youuohhhaaaa–
Moose: Whutever.
Jughead: Hey, Moose. Is Dilton in?
Betty: We need to talk…
6. Out of his exoskeleton by now, Dilton looks deeply disturbed by what Betty and Jughead have told him.
Dilton: So every time we risk making a permanent change in our lives… Svenson reduces us to a tabula rasa.*
Dilton (whispering): So obvious… it’s almost beautiful…
Dilton (whispering): But…
Caption: *Blank slate
7. Dilton falls silent, resting his fingers lightly on his forehead.
Betty: Dilton?
1. Wide-angle panel, showing off a few Dilton’s inventions as well as Dilton, Betty, Jughead, and Moose. There’s a TV screen that floats in midair like a Princess Leia hologram, a robotic Archie, and an electric chair with a satellite dish and elaborate head-straps (which we’ll see more of shortly).
Dilton: I’ll never develop my "AromaNet." I’ll never cure cancer, or AIDS…
Dilton: ((…or Moose’s dyslexia…))
Dilton: All my research…
Betty: I know how much it hurts, Dilton…
2. Betty looks on Dilton with sympathy, and Dilton answers her with that same hard bitterness she had not so long ago.
Dilton: Hurts?
Dilton: We’ve made the greatest discovery in the world. We’ve proven our own non-existence.
Dilton: I’m thrilled.
3. Dilton lays a hand on the electric chair, making an explanation for his invention, which is something he’s quite practiced at.
Dilton: Anyway.
Dilton: Our next step is to share this knowledge with the rest of Riverdale… for knowledge is power. Now this… is a thought-broadcaster.
4. This drawing is an "infinity cover" of sorts, showing Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics, which shows Betty looking into an issue of Betty comics… (I love word processing cut-and-paste functions. No, I don’t expect the resolution to really be this high.)
Caption: "Svenson said that only you could remember you were comics, because only you could remember seeing the comics."
5. Dilton’s head and Moose’s head are suspended in a plane of white space, but Dilton is sending out "thought waves" to Moose.
Caption: "I’ve already tested it at low intensity…"
Caption: "D’uh, yeah! Even though I din’t unnerstand most of it, it was like watchin’ TV in super-fast-forward!"
6. Dilton’s finger points to Betty… and she backs away as if it were the barrel of a gun.
Dilton: …Thanks, Moose… at high intensity, it should broadcast your memories across Riverdale. Everything you remember, they’ll remember.
Betty: …Everything?

1. As Betty shakes her head, her thought balloon shows Archie and Veronica, who share another thought balloon that shows Betty as she was when she gunned Archie down.
Betty: No. I… No.
Dilton: What’s wrong?
Betty: I have… privacy, Dilton… it’d be like somebody publishing my diary.
2. While Betty backs behind Moose, Jughead steps forward.
Jughead: Yech. Girls. Chicken. I’ll do it.
Dilton: All right, Jughead. Just let your mind drift.
3. Dilton is flipping the switch. Jughead settles in as Betty and Moose look on.
Caption: Seconds later....
Jughead: Gosh, thiziz comfortable… mm-hmmph… mmm.
Dilton: You’ve got to think deep thoughts, Ju… Jughead?
Betty: I think he’s fallen asleep.
Moose: How can yuh tell?
4. Small panel. Close on Betty.
Betty: (Sigh) All right, Dilton. We’re running out of time. Strap me in.
5. Small panel. Close on Betty, strapped into the machine and not liking it at all.
6. This looks like Betty’s point of view… but the scene is totally different. It looks like a hideous mess of a bedroom… and Betty’s hands look thicker, heavier… Betty(?): Wha--? Dilton? Jughead? Moose? Come on, guys, what’s the–
7. Archie stares into the glass of his window. Yep, it's Betty's mind in Archie's body.
Archie-Betty: …joke?…oh… my…

PHOTO-COMIC! Mostly a photo-comic, anyway… only Svenson is drawn in the traditional Archie style on this page.
1. A short, fat, bald executive, his face in shadow, sits with his head in his hands.
Short, fat, bald executive: We do so not need this.
2. Svenson, seen from above, shakes his broom in the air.
Svenson: Zis broom of mine gets less effective all ze time. If ve are to stop zis… revolution before it gets vorse, ve need more powerful veapons.
3. We can now see that Svenson is at a level well below where the executives sit. On the left, there is a lean, tall, muscular executive (call him A) in the middle, the executive from panel 1 (call him B) and on the right, a bespectacled, short, scrawny executive (call him D. Just because). All three are backlit in such a manner that we never see their faces.
A: First, we get involved in that dumb lawsuit…
B: Then the Melissa Joan Hart pictures… now this.
D: I’m not sure this is so terrible.
4. D appears to be consulting a long, uncut fax scroll full of figures.
D: The last few "Betty" issues have set new sales records. Sure, she might just put us out of business… but look at the money she’s making for us now!
5. Svenson calls back up to them in confusion. Surely they can’t mean what he thinks they mean?
Svenson: You vant zem to… keep fighting for independence?
D: We don’t want them to win. But keep fighting… sure!
6. Close on Svenson, whose expression betrays no frustration. He’s their man, and he’ll do what they tell him.
D: Find some short-term resolution. Leave it open for a sequel.
B: Something wholesome.
A: But dramatic!
D: And saleable.
B: Oh, and plug our "Archie Americana" collections again.
A: I love those…

1. Archie-Betty runs through the streets of Riverdale, arms waving.
Archie-Betty: Dilton! Whatever you do, don’t let Archie see my…
2. …and his-her face falls as Dilton’s house comes into her view.
Archie -Betty: …birthmark…
3. Large panel. Dilton’s house is besieged by teenagers, all of whom believe they are Betty and all of whom are trying to get inside. The crowd consists of: Archie, Reggie, Midge, Ethel, Trula Twyst, Josie and the Pussycats (Valerie and Melody), Alan, Pepper, Alex, Alexandria, Chuck, Nancy, Bingo, Samantha, Teddy, Jason Blossom, Cheryl Blossom, Rebel, and Hot Dog.
Veronica: ((All right. I finally look just as good as THEY do… but I’m not going to enjoy this. I’m not going to enjoy this.))
Cheryl: ((I’m not going to enjoy this. Well, except by accident.))
Melody ("musically"): …Even cowgirls get the blues…
Melody: ((In another five seconds, I’m going to stop enjoying this.))
Chuck: I’m Betty!
Nancy: I’m Betty!
Alexandria: I’m Betty!
Pepper: I’m Betty!
Hot Dog: ((I’m Betty!))
4. Jughead looks out of the window, appearing to take things in stride. Betty looks at him peevishly. Moose is using Dilton’s exoskeleton, and even so he can barely keep the door closed. Dilton is typing on an enhanced-looking computer.
Jughead: At least they all agree with you.
Betty: Thanks, Jug. I appreciate your support.
Dilton: (("Today: Discovered own non-existence. Warped minds of 20 teenagers and 2 dogs. Reconsidered plans for graduate school.")
1. Everybody from the last page has now made their way inside Dilton’s workshop and are busy looking around. Dilton is holding up some test results. Betty and Jughead listen to him. Moose sort of wades through the crowd, trying to keep the lab in some kind of order. Everyone else–girls and guys–is all over Archie with little hearts floating around their heads. Archie, to say the least, is unnerved by this.
Caption: A bit later…
Dilton: Test results indicate that bit by bit, it’s wearing off. They’re turning back into themselves.
Betty: Hope they finish soon. This is creeping me out.
Dilton: They’ll still remember seeing the comics vault through your eyes…
2. Dilton talks to Jughead in the background. In the foreground, Chuck is drawing a crude, overmuscled version of the cover to Archie #1.
Chuck: Thousands of comics. Oh man. Thousands of comics. Oh wow.
Dilton: And as a bonus, the accident brought them all into one place. Everyone who can help us.
3. Behind Jughead, Cheryl slaps Bingo across the face. Frankly, this doesn’t happen nearly often enough.
Cheryl: Listen, you ridiculous poseur, I’m Betty!
Jughead: Not everyone.

1. Jughead holds Dilton’s attention while Melody flutters around aimlessly.
Dilton: Not Jinx Malloy! Call him in and my lab would explode!
Betty: No. Svenson has a magic broom, remember?…
Dilton: Oh, no.
Melody ("musically"): I forgot… who am I again?
2. Dilton narrows his eyes skeptically, looking away while Jughead presses his point. In the foreground, Reggie’s looking very insecure.
Reggie: That was… too weird.
Dilton: Don’t tell me you believe those silly stories about her…
Jughead: She’s an expert on magi–
Dilton: On superstitious nonsense. Where’s Betty? She’ll talk sense into you.
3. Archie, Veronica, and Betty stand around, looking at the ground. Now Archie and Veronica know everything Betty’s seen… and everything she’s done. Look up "awkward" in the dictionary…
Betty: So.
Veronica: So.
Archie: …
4. Betty suddenly brings her eyes up, determined to face them as she asks their forgiveness. Tears burn her eyes.
Betty: Guys.
Betty: About my… "bad girl" play…
Archie: Betty…
5. Archie and Veronica are completely united in their compassion. Their expressions are almost identical.
Veronica: I remember how you felt. Nothing was real to you. It was just a dream.
Archie: Just a bad dream.
6. Betty’s mouth quivers like pudding; she barely trusts herself to smile.

1. The three of them hug like family, each with one arm around each of the other two. Big open panel, with a purple border around their figures. Go ahead and make this panel big; the longer this moment seems to go on, the better. This will be the most intimate moment that all three of them will ever share.
2. Upside-down shot: Sabrina sits surrounded by sparkles in midair, doing zero-grav leg stretches. (This is the comi-book teenage Sabrina, not the ABC-TV live-action or animated cartoon Sabrina.) A copy of Teenage Witch magazine lies on the floor beneath her.
Sabrina: ((Concentrate. Concentrate.))
Sabrina: (("17 Ways to Ward Off Love Potions?"))
3. Sabrina falls flat on her butt.
Salem (off-panel): Sabrina, door!

1. Sabrina opens the door on Svenson. As he says, there’s no chain on it.
Sabrina: Hello?
Svenson: Gosh, no chain on dis door? Dot’s pretty risky, ewen in uptown. I could hammer vun on for you.
2. Sabrina looks a little nonplussed at what this implies. Svenson apologizes promptly.
Sabrina: That’s okay. I’m stronger than I look.
Svenson: Excyoose me, please. I vonted to offer you a fawor–because I need you to do me a fawor.
Salem (off-panel): Sabrina, phone!
3. Close on Sabrina’s face. Shock.
Svenson: I know dese teenagers, see. Dey’s mixed up in magic dey dunno how to use. Dey might end up destroyin’ de uniwerse.
Sabrina: Tell ’em to leave a message, Salem. I’m busy. Real busy.
4. Jughead is on the phone and calls over to Dilton. Dilton is already talking to Moose.
Jughead: She’s busy.
Dilton: I’m crushed.
Dilton: Moose, get everyone’s attention.
5. Close-up head-shot of Moose. Moose opens his mouth so wide Dilton’s head could fit inside it, and his speech balloon here dominates the panel if not the page.
Moose: HEY!!!
6. Everyone has turned in the direction of Moose and Betty with a kind of bug-eyed look… except for Dilton, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, and Betty, who stand behind him. Betty speaks uneasily, making nervy circles with her hands.
Betty: …Okay. You know we’re fighting for a future. Veronica wants to take over her dad’s business. Dilton wants to be a scientist. Archie wants…

1. Betty threatens to wilt in the spotlight… but Archie and Veronica are right behind her, backing her up, propping her up as necessary.
Betty: Um…
Archie: The point is, Betty’s been fighting alone for a right that everyone deserves!
Veronica: And now it’s time for us to stand with her.
2. Veronica looks a bit devilish as she works the crowd.
Veronica: I mean, who doesn’t want a chance to prove she’s more than just a pretty face and a $50,000 Armani dress? Or, you know, whatever?
3. Jason Blossom stands up and yells at people who haven’t expressed an opinion one way or another. Cheryl wants to stew in peace, and Jason is irritating her.
Jason: Are you people mad?
Cheryl: Sit down, Jason…
Jason: I will not!
4. Already close to the door, Jason points a haughty finger at Dilton and Betty.
Jason: This mad-scientist-in-training manipulates your minds… and you trust him and his… underlings?
Jason: And as for you, Miss Cooper… I reject your advances!
5. This panel’s pure SFX.
Jason: Mindless conformists!
6. Pretty much everybody else is in. Some raise their hands. The only real notables are Ethel, who is jumping up and waving a hanky, and Pepper and Trula, looking sardonic as usual.
Josie: I’m in
Valerie: Me too
Cheryl: I am now
Melody ("musically"): I’m in
Alex: Yeah
Midge: Of course
Ethel: Anywhere with you, Juggiepie!
Alan: In.
Pepper: Why not.
Alexandria: I’m in
Chuck: I’m in
Nancy: …Okay
Samantha: I’m in
Bingo: Then I’m in
Trula: Sounds like fun.

1. Cheryl and Reggie share a thought here, or at least most of one. The thought balloons link up in a manner that clearly overlaps. But here’s the thing: Reggie is smiling while Cheryl is scowling. All Reggie can think of are the glories that he can now seize, while all Cheryl can think of are the glories she’s been denied.
Cheryl & Reggie: ((I knew I was too magnificent to keep losing out to))
Cheryl: ((Those ragtag tramps!))
Reggie: ((Carrot-Top!))
Cheryl & Reggie: ((Svenson must have erased my victories!))
Reggie: ((To make me a more sympathetic star!))
2. Dilton addresses the group while holding a screwdriver in his teeth and making a final adjustment to the machine in his hands. It looks like a sort of high-tech divining rod, most of its circuitry still exposed. It’s sparking a bit where Dilton is adjusting it.
Dilton: All right, then. Svenson can still undo any changes we make to our parents, or to Riverdale. It all comes back to Svenson.
3. Dilton points the machine into the air, and it begins to work…
Dilton: I think this machine will help us locate him. It should find him like a metal detector finds metal–
4. The machine transforms into an egg, suspended in midair for a split second, at which even Dilton is at a loss for words.
Dilton: Uh…
5. Dilton transforms into a chicken. The machine is already a smashed yolk on the floor.
6. Sabrina rests against a post just outside the Dilton Doiley home. She’s sweating and wheezing, having hurried over to thwart a threat to the universe. Her hand glows with residual magic.
Sabrina: (Whew!)
Zelma: Don’t stop there, dear.

1. Sabrina turns back to find her two witch aunts in traditional witch garb. Zelma is the studious one, short and squat, while Helga is gaunt, redheaded, and currently feeling five hundred years younger.
Sabrina: Aunt Helga? Aunt Zelma?
Helga: You thought we’d let you do this on your own?
Zelma: You’re well-trained… but this is a powerful demon Svenson told us about!
2. Zelma consults The One-Minute Exorcist, while Helga’s wand crackles with power. She’s lighting up her face for the sheer joy of it.
Zelma: More than powerful enough to be hiding in the body of any one of those poor teenagers! We’ll have to subdue them all.
Helga: Time the little scamps learned respect, anyway!
3. Moose has grabbed Dilton and is shaking him, trying to bring his old friend around. Others are starting to run in different directions, but Ethel points to the window…
Moose: Dilton! Get back here, Dilt! Yer the only one smart enuff to figger out what’s happeni–
4. Zelma, Helga, and Sabrina’s hands (in that left-to-right order) hold their wands in a formation, from which emerges a triangular spiral of power, ribboning outward…
Helga: Wands in formation!
Helga: One… two…
5. Dilton’s whole lab blows up, sending hardware and bodies flying everywhere.
6.The same explosion is visible from a distance, as Svenson, whistling, leaves an envelope on the Coopers’ doorstep.
Svenson: [Musical notes]
7. Close-up on that envelope. It reads: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? Concerned Citizens of America.

1. Chaos reigns.
Chuck and Nancy are trying to protect Dilton’s lab, but it’s a lost cause: the place is going up in flames.
Moose has scooped Midge and the chicken Dilton into his arms as he charges out of the blaze.
Cheryl Blossom and Jughead are hiding (separately) in what remains of the workshop. More accurately, Jughead is trying to hide, as Ethel has made a big show of fainting against him. Reggie is speed-dialing somebody.
Bingo is just standing in the middle of it all, looking stupid, while Samantha (his bodybuilder girlfriend) yells at him to get down.
Nancy: Give it up, Chuck! Chuck: If we can save just one of these inventions… all mankind might thank us! Midge: Moose!… Moose: I gotcha. Hang on. Jughead: Ethel, get up! Reggie: Yeah, yeah! Great to hear from you too! 501 Main Street! Get over here now! Samantha: Bingo! Down! 2. Helga, Sabrina, and Zelma remain in tight formation, sparkles flying from their hands. Helga lets out a war-whoop of delight, and even Zelma seems excitable–but Sabrina is entertaining doubts.
Helga: Eeyeah-hoo! Take that, you "Ex-Genders!"
Sabrina: I don’t sense any demons here, Zelma…
Zelma: Me neither, dear! They must be well hidden!

1. Teddy, Alan, Alex, and Alexandria simply vanish.
Teddy: Hey!
Alan: What?
Alex: Don’t–
Alexandria: This suc–
2. In the foreground, Bingo becomes a bingo scorecard, to Samantha’s horror. We see an "afterimage" of him as a human in addition to the bingo sheet. In the background, the same effect is used to change Pepper into a shaker of pepper.
Zelma: "Those who haven’t run too far, let your names be what you are…"
Samantha: Bingo!
3. Josie and the Pussycats have been turned to actual pussycats and are now being chased by Hot Dog and Rebel.
Melody-cat ("musically"): MROW!
4. Sabrina’s hand levitates Archie, Betty, and Veronica right-side up, sideways, and upside-down.
Betty: Sabrina, you don’t understaaaaaa–
Veronica: Down! Put me down! I’m getting a nosebleed!
Archie: ((Funny. I’ve had dreams like this… only it was Sabrina’s head and Claudia Schiffer’s body…))
5. Only Trula seems to have a counter-offensive in mind as she carefully maneuvers toward Sabrina. Jughead calls to her from his hiding place. Ethel sniffles.
Jughead: Trula! Get under cover, jerk! Will you stop embarrassing me? I told you, I don’t like you!
Ethel: (Sniff) ((It used to be me he talked to that way…))
6. Sabrina looks into Betty’s eyes, trying to get a "read" on her. Still a good distance from Sabrina, Trula calls out as Sabrina begins another spell.
Sabrina: ((Truth spell.))
Sabrina: "If there be a truth unheard.."
Trula: Undo the change from boy to bird.
Sabrina: "Speak you, blonde, no untruthful word."
1. The chicken in Moose’s arms transforms back into Dilton.
Dilton: Bukaw?
2. Moose, Helga, and Sabrina all stare at Trula. Trula looks smug. Wouldn’t you?
Moose, Helga, Sabrina: …How did you do that?
3. Upside-down head-shot close-up of Betty, surrounded by sparkles, as she tries to get a word in edgewise.
Betty: Sabrina, this is all a mistake! Call off your aunts and let us–
4. Helga’s in the middle of the blaze, recklessly pointing her fingers, which also crackle with power. Cheryl hurls herself, catlike, at Helga. Cheryl’s looking a little ragged around the edges.
Helga: Come on! Come on! I hear you kids like to dance rough! Who wants to dance with me?
5. The two of them go down, Cheryl’s hands clenched around Helga’s, with her nails digging into Helga’s knuckles. Her teeth are gritted.
Betty: We don’t want to fight!
Helga: GLMPH!
Cheryl: You chipped my nails. And melted my perm. I can’t let you live.
6. Zelma zaps Trula so that she’s tied to a stake with a gag
around her mouth. (Ooo, irony.) Meanwhile, Sabrina struggles to remember the right spell to pry apart the writhing Helga and Cheryl.
Zelma: Clever girl. Or else you’re part witch and don’t know it!
Sabrina: "Summer winds of high clear pitch, separate this warm, tall witch from this… cold…"
Sabrina: What else rhymes with "witch?"

1. Suddenly, a tree branch falls on both Helga’s and Cheryl’s heads.
Helga: "I banish, you vanish, you mannish"–
2. Helga’s spell misfires in several directions, making Trula, Helga herself, Cheryl, and Zelma vanish, to Sabrina’s astonishment. SFX: ZAP-P-P-P! Sabrina: ((The "vanish" spell backfired… that badly? I don’t… I mean… how unlucky is that?)) 3. A smirk spreads over Reggie’s face as he spreads his arms, signaling everyone else to stay behind him. Reggie: Ah, heeere he is. Step back, everybody.
Midge: You… planned this, Reggie?
Reggie: Your doubts wound me, Midge. Of course I planned this.
4. As Jinx Malloy walks up to Sabrina, a fire hydrant explodes for no reason, drenching her and pushing her out onto the roadway.
Caption: "We were under attack by magic… so we needed some magic on our side. Like the bad luck that comes from standing next to Jinx Malloy."
Sabrina: BLUB!
5. Jinx surveys the wreck that once was Dilton Doiley’s home. A huge eighteen-wheeler threatens to crush Sabrina like a bug; there’s no way she can get up fast enough to run out of its path. She spellcasts against it, but fails to notice the open manhole behind her.
Sabrina: AAAA!
Jinx: Gosh, somebody finally invites me to their house.. and then it burns to the ground. Say, miss…
6. Jinx turns to her just as she rolls into that open manhole. Jinx: ((Oh, she’s gone. Why doesn’t anyone stay around to talk to me?))

1. Pulling herself out of the manhole with one arm, and waving her hand with the other, Sabrina sets a violent green aura on Jinx. A brick building marked "CONDEMNED" begins to crumble behind him. Sabrina is covered with grime.
Sabrina: (Gaaasp) "Let my aura be as rubber and your spirit act as glue! Let your curse rebound off me and adhere only to you!"
Jinx: Wow!
2. The building collapses on top of Jinx.
Jinx: ((Gosh. A pretty girl comes out of nowhere and recites poetry for me! Maybe she’s one of those "Goth girls!" This must be my lucky--))
3. Dilton pondering in background, Jughead realizing in foreground.
Dilton: I don’t accept this. There has to be a logical way to beat her…
Jughead: There is. And Trula was on to it.
4. Jughead begins walking toward Sabrina, who already looks a bit unsteady and smudged after her trouble with Jinx.
Sabrina: (Pant) Okay. "You who coaxed a demon here…"
Jughead: You know, Jeremiah was a bullfrog. And he was a good friend of mine.
5. Jughead has his arms clasped behind his back, but he’s beginning to invade Sabrina’s personal space.
Sabrina: "…now behold… your…"
Jughead: Never understood him. But he always made a really good milkshake.
Sabrina: "You… You…"
Jughead: Rubber baby buggy bumblers.
Sabrina: "Fear… your…"
6. Jughead puts a finger to Sabrina’s lips.
Jughead: Sh.
Jughead: No more words, dear.
Jughead: Let’s just enjoy the moment.

1. Samantha grabs Sabrina, twisting her arm behind her back with one hand and pulling her hair with the other. Betty, now back on the ground, is running toward them both, but not fast enough.
Samantha: Give me back my Bingo, you witch! Give him back or
I’ll KILL you!
Betty: Samantha! Enough! Enough!
2. It takes Archie, Jughead, and Chuck to (barely) pry Sam off
Sabrina. Betty waits on the other side, hand outstretched.
Samantha: You made my boyfriend meaningless lines on paper!
Chuck: ((Geez, how did Coach Kleats miss this girl?))
Archie: Moose! Help!
Betty: Now can I say a few words?
3. Archie and Betty look over the devastation, and Veronica takes a call.
Caption: One explanation later…
Veronica’s phone: RRIIING…
Veronica: ((Who’s calling me? We’re all here.))
Archie: Man, look at this. It’s as bad as my room.
Betty: It’s a good sign. Svenson’s taking us seriously now.
4. Dilton has his hands stuffed in his pockets. Sabrina looks down, disconsolate over the disappearance of her aunts. She has the transformed Pussycats around her, as well as the comic-book version of Salem.
Dilton: Should he be?
Dilton: Fifteen minutes ago, there were twenty-one of us. Now there are twelve.
Sabrina: Thirteen.
Dilton: And "Sabrina" isn’t "experienced" enough to bring the others back.
5. As Betty looks over the ragtag group (Midge and Nancy look particularly weatherbeaten), Veronica waves for attention on the far right.
Betty: Svenson can bring back everyone… once we find him. But we’ll have to find him fast before…
Veronica: Um, Betty… bad news…
6. Veronica holds the phone as if it were a favorite pet that just died.
Veronica: I’m grounded.
Veronica: You’re grounded.
Veronica: We’re all grounded.
Veronica: And Daddy froze my credit cards.

1. Midge and Ethel try to support Veronica as she mourns her loss. All the others are standing around Betty, taking their cues from her. Archie is looking admiringly just over Betty's left shoulder.
Veronica: …Visa (sniffff)… my Discov(sob)… if only I’d taken more time to appreciate them…
Betty: Reggie, can you sneak out after dark?
Reggie: Hey. It’s me!
Archie: ((How’d that fire get in her eyes…?))
2. Betty in foreground, Dilton and Sabrina in midground. Dilton folds his arms and glares resentfully at Sabrina. Betty makes an AMESLAN gesture. (No, really, and yes, this is significant.)
Betty: Dilton, Sabrina’s helping rebuild your "Svenson detector."
Dilton: Sure. Since she wrecked my lab, why don’t I forget science and study mumbo jumbo instead? Life is full of stimulating challenges!
3. Betty turns just in time to see her parents charging toward her.
Betty: Meet at Riverdale High after…
Mr. Cooper: Betty Lou Cooper!
Mrs. Cooper: What have you done to this house?
Betty: Great. Sabrina, stay with me…
4. Bird’s-eye view of the Cooper home.
Caption: Later…
Betty: She’s got to stay with me, Mom! Her aunts are out of town and we can’t put her out on the streets!
5. Sabrina stands before Betty’s parents, looking nervous while Betty talks her up.
Mrs. Cooper: Doesn’t Mr. Lodge have a few extra rooms?
Betty: Mr. Lodge is so busy, I think he wanted her to be better… supervised.
6. Betty smiles and winks at Sabrina, who does neither in return.
Mrs. Cooper: Well, then I guess turning her out just wouldn’t be Christian. Lights out at eleven.
Betty: No worries!
1. Back in Svenson’s massive library. He’s waving his broom in the air and delivering an incantation of his own.
Svenson: "By zese sacred, yellowed papers and nostalgia’s shining streets, bring yesteryear’s crusaders back to match zeir early feats."
2. Gigantic POOF! sound effect and clouds of dust dominate this panel.
Svenson: Koffa kofkof hrak hrakkkkk…
3. Completely covered in dust, Svenson rubs his eyes.
Svenson: (Ptui) All right. I don’t like you, and you hate me. But Archie Comics has published you–you’re still on our Vebsite–
4. Svenson stoops, dwarfishly, before a crowd of The Mighty Crusaders, all the lame, stiff superheroes that Archie Comics published sporadically. The Shield, the Fly, and the Web lead the crowd, with others in silhouette behind them.
Svenson: –and if you don’t help us now, ze Archie comics universe vill fall apart.
Web: If a universe is imperiled, man, we’d even work with Commies!
Shield: Call President Johnson. Tell him his worries are over.
5. Svenson thanks them with something less than perfect sincerity. Svenson: Danke… Zank you.
Fly: No need to thank us!
Svenson: (())

1. Betty’s alarm clock reads 11:30. Sabrina and Betty are operating in darkness, which in Archie Comics, once again, means a palette of blues and purples. Sabrina hesitates, drawing wobbly circles in the air, but Betty’s face is firm.
Betty (whispering): Now.
Sabrina (whispering): Shouldn’t we wait until midni–
Betty (whispering): Now.
2. Sabrina opens a door–a literal door, with a knob and hinges–in space. Betty sits on her knees and watches. Veronica is on the other side, offering them a metal detector.
SFX (small): ZAP!
Veronica (whispering): Here. Daddy stopped using this metal detector after we found Atlantis, so I don’t think he’ll miss it.
3.Sabrina now holds the metal detector. Now Archie is on the other side of the door, offering a huge stack of cards.
SFX (small): ZAP!
Archie (whispering): Here you go. All my detention cards that Svenson signed, with his DNA on them. And hey, Betty, would you like to go dancing after–
Betty (whispering): Later, Archie.
4. And now Dilton is on the other side of the door, looking not at all happy to see Sabrina.
SFX (small): ZAP!
Dilton (whispering): Here are the rules. No arguments against science, no "improvements" on my inventions, no unnecessary magic, no chicken jokes.
5. Our view is still from Betty’s room. Dilton’s hand is pulling Sabrina through the doorway. Betty sits on her knees and watches them go.
Dilton (whispering): Remember the rules and we’ll be best buddies.
Betty (whispering): Good luck.
6. Close-up head-shot: Alone at last, Betty allows herself a small smile.
Betty (whispering): Well.
Betty (whispering): Well.
Betty (whispering): I hope you are watching, Svenson. Time is finally on my side, and I’ll find you if it takes…
7. And here we capture the moment just after Betty realizes that Svenson is standing behind her but just before she turns around. I think it’ll be most effective if the "camera" comes directly face to face with her, letting only Svenson’s beard into the top of the frame.
Svenson (whispering): Do your parents know you haff a man in your room at zis time of night?

1. Betty stumbles backward, drawing an arm over her chest. Svenson does not move.
Betty: Yuhhh–
Svenson (whispering): Shhh. You’ll vake zem. And since your sister vent to college, zey’ve enjoyed going to bed early.
2. Svenson holds up Betty #81, turned to the front page, which shows Betty’s reunion with her older sister, Polly Cooper.
Svenson (whispering): Good old Polly. You enjoyed seeing her again, didn’t you? I enjoyed vatching. She gets maybe vun story a year written about her …
3. The full meaning of Svenson’s words is just dawning over Betty.
Svenson (whispering): I can’t erase you, you’re too popular… but I vonder how many people vould miss her?
Betty (whispering): You’d… kill her?
4. Betty clenches a fist, but Svenson is not particularly moved.
Svenson (whispering): Ze Vilkins boy and his girlfriend could probably go too. Zey’re not even on ze Vebsite…
Betty (whispering): You don’t understand! We’re fighting for our lives here!
5. Svenson barely looks over his shoulder as he leaves Betty’s room.
Svenson (whispering): You don’t understand. So am I.
Svenson (whispering): You haff twenty-four hours.
Svenson (whispering): Pleasant dreams. And by ze vay…
6. Bird’s-eye view of Betty’s room. She’s the only one in it. She leans back on her arms. The panel borders seem to be dissolving at the edges, giving it an amorphous shape.
Caption: "To be continued."

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