The Fans! Code, v2.5

Addition: I've added new entry codes for book 2 and three.

Blah blah blah, intro just like the Avalon or CRFH code. This is for fans of Fans! To show how they feel. Yeah yeah yeah. This is a simplified way of explaining your involvement and attitude about Fans! stuff. This WILL be augmented over time.

E Episode that you came in on. E(##)

**Book 1, Fantastica**
tfm The Fandom Menace
xkodt The KoDT Crossover
tmdg The Most Dangerous Game
lta Loving the Alien
fsah Fans, Slans, and Hyperman
esc Escapism
hs1 The Human Stories 1
xcrfh1 The College Roomies From Hell Crossover "Mad Science"
hs2 The Human Stories 2
**Book 2, Times of War**
phn Phantoms
tec Teccies
tow War Between States
soh Smell of Honey
wfw The Way the Future Was
mortc Mortal Combat
drmd Dreams Denied
ldf Let Darkness Fall
**Book 3, Soul Quest**
mes Makin' 'em Sing
tpb The Perfect Blog
xiw It's Walky Crossover "The Seventh Power"
dka Don't Know Him From Adam
xcrfh2 The second College Roomies From Hell!!! Crossover "The Cruelest Month"
fcb Fans Cribs
dep Departures

E! I remember when T was naming the characters.

M The Fans! Merchandise you own.

M-- Why buy anything? The comic is free!
M- I may buy something some day.
M I bought a piece of merchandise
M+ I own ALL of the comic books
M++ I own ALL the comics books and some other goodies.
M+++ I have everything T's ever sold online, including some Thor Art!
M! I have no money but given the chance I'd buy everything!
M$ I make/sell the merchandise knave!
M? Fans! has merchandise?

B Board involvement

B---- I got over Bulletin boards when I left AOL.
B--- I'd join if I could getthe forum to work on my browser.
B- I am a lurker, I don't feel the need to post
B I lurk and sometimes post on a hot issue
B+ I post at least once a day
B++ I post on most of the threads
B+++ I am Tom the Fanboy, Lord Lucan, or Nodrog (or the current hot posters).
B! I am a moderator
B? There's a forum?
B# I am a Nightstar purist, I won't sully my screen with Keenforums.

FF Fanfic involvement in general.

FF--- Fanfics are a sophomoric attempt to glean popularity off of another's work
FF-- Fanfics are fun but I'm not a good writer.
FF- Auxilerated lost me after the third post.
FF I hope that I get up the nerve to write one someday.
FF+ I wrote one but I won't let anyone read it.
FF++ I wrote one once and may strike again.
FF+++ I am/was one of the core posters on an Auxilerated or another.
FF* I write fanfics for other things, just not Fans!.
FF! If I wrote a fanfic they'd call it a "crossover". *wink*
FF? Is that what theorizing is?

A Fans! art that you are involved in. Either in the comic or on your own.

A--- My smileys don't even come out right.
A-- I can't draw so I don't wanna ruin T's characters.
A- I'd like to draw something but haven't gotten to it yet.
A I drew some stuff but I haven't submitted it yet.
A+ I've actually turned in one of my artworks in.
A++ I've done a few pieces and they're on the page.
A+++ I am Thor Thorvaldson (pre-FSaH).
A$ I mail T my finished pages weekly (I'm staff)
A? Fanart? Is that why Times of War was hard to read?

W Webpage information on Fans! How much do you support Fans! on the web.

W--- I have no webpage
W-- I don't have room on my webpage for that crap!
W- I still haven't put a link up but I plan to
W I have a link
W+ I have a banner
W++ I have a page just for Fans!
W+++ I have a page that rivals Billberg University!
W! My Fans! page is my ONLY webpage!
W$ I don't need another page since I have
W* U \/\/!|_|_ /\/3\/3r K/\/0\/\/

R Your Andrew Revell Comprehension level. Based on how many times you knew who the Fans were in the War Between States.

R--- I still don't know who was who!
R-- I had to have everyone pointed out to me.
R- I got a couple of them confused.
R I was just happy when Jason came back.
R+ It wasn't really a problem for me.
R++ I could pick out the Fans.
R+++ I could tell who everyone was! Even which Espins died!
R! I worked on those pages, of course I know!
R? I don't remember this chapter. (READ THE ARCHIVES)
R# I don't care who's who! I boycotted the storyline because of the art!

FC Fans! Characters that you feel the strongest about. Either you love them or you hate them, either way this part of the code represents it. Here are the codes letters for the different characters:
t-Tim r-Rikk w-Will g-Guth y-Rumy s-Shanna k-Kath a-Alisin
st-Stu j-Jackie m-Meaghan h-Harry f-Tim the Fanboy
tk-Thack cl-Count LeRoy b-Big Red hy-Hyperman aj-Agent Jones pi-Pinkerton tg-The General ms-Miller and Sully

X=the chosen character (note if the character is not listed simply write out the name in brackets[] and place it in the code)

X--- I hate this person so much I hope T just kills them off horribly.
X-- I don't like this character and hope that T features him/her less.
X- The character would be OK if T changed some things.
X+ I like this character
X++ This character is the best! I love every frame he/she's in!
X+++ I am in love with this character and I want the next story to be their's
X+! I harbor deep PSL for this character
X-! This person is the devil. I am on my way to exorcise him/her from T.
X? I don't remember this person
X* I am this character
X(x) I would like to see X get together with x.
FC* You want me to choose between them? I love them all equally.

I If you were included in the comic where were you? This can either be an actual inclusion or just a character that you think would be you. This includes the page number, Frame, and part of the frame if needed. Ip###f#bc Example: Ip20000706f3mr would mean that you relate to the character in the middle right of the third frame on the July 06th, 2000 page (this would make you empathize with "Angel").

p# the page number
f# the frame number
bl Bottom left
bc Bottom Center
br Bottom Right
ml Middle Left
mc Middle Center
mr Middle Right
tl Top Left
tc Top Center
tr Top Right
I! I am the Fans! Logo, Iím on every page.
I* I think that reading the comic is good enough, I donít have to pretend Iím ďinĒ it.

K Keenspace/spot involvement. For Keenspace code write Kc and for Keenspot code write Kt. This portion describes how active you are in other Keen boards and comics. Please include both.

Kx--- Fans! is Mother! Fans! is Father!
Kx-- I've looked at some of the comics but I don't really like them
Kx- I read one other comic but that's it.
Kx I read some of the more popular ones
Kx+ I read a lot of them.
Kx++ I read a most of them.
Kx+++ I check them all multiple times per day in the hopes of a new comic appearing.
K! I draw a comic there!
Ks* There's way too many for me to try.
Kt* I read the Quick Keen and am done with it.
K$ I "work" for Keen.
Kx# I have a Premium account.

C How many comics do you follow. Cp for newspaper comics, Cb for comic books, and Cw for webcomics. For instance, if you never read the paper, always picked up the latest Deadpool and X-Men, and had a dozen webcomics, you'd be Cp---b.w++

C--- I only read Fans! Isn't that enough?
C-- I used to follow the paper until Calvin and Hobbes left
C- I'd like to follow some but my local paper/store/server can't get them
C. I follow one or two
C+ I follow less than ten
C++ I have a very impressive amount.
C+++ I have a subscription to the local paper just for the comics/ a full box every week at the local store/a page of bookmarks just for webcomics.
Cp! I am the local paper's assistant editor (or whatever person deals with the comics page).
Cb! I own a comics shop.
Cw! I "work" for Keen
C$ I read to keep up on my fellow artists' work.
C* I don't read comics of this genre

Ll Lovelife status, good or bad.

Ll--- I have taken a vow of chastity
Ll-- I am king/queen of the BSPs! (Bitter Single Person)
Ll- I have never had a date, but not for lack of trying.
Ll I'm looking for a partner
Ll+ I am dating comfortably
Ll++ I have a wonderful SO
Ll+++ I am married and enjoying it
Ll* None of your business jerk!
Ll-! I just broke up
Ll+! I am da pimp!
Ll? Ewwww! Cooties!

This code was created by Tom(the Fanboy) Munkres and is for public use. [begin fancode block] E(xkodt)M+FF+++A++W+++R++FCtf*Ip20011113f5mrKt+cCp--bw++Ll++ [end fancode block]

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