Fans! Random Encounter Table 1.0

by Fpilot

01-07 F.I.B. Agent

08-10 Living Unicorn

11-15 1D6 Dice Monks

16-19 Hyperman Groupie

20-25 Nodrog, the King of the Weird Theory

26-28 Man talking on a cell phone

29-33 1D8 Vampire LARPers

34-37 1D10 Frat Boys

38-40 Random Character from Other Webcomics (Consult Table 44-C-1)

41-44 Girl Under a Tree Reading Clarke

45-49 Xenochicklet

50-52 P.O.ed Ex-Pop Culture Speculator with homemade bomb

53-56 Arlen

57-61 Clara

62-70 Hyperman

71-75 Julianna

76-81 Tim the Fanboy

82-90 Tom the Fanboy

91-95 Agent Mist

96 Maccabee

97 Kara (Rumy-Chan)

98 Kingleon

99 T Campbell

00 Jason Waltrip

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