Tom the Fanboy's Rhyming Wonderland

OK, it may not all rhyme but it is the first page up!

The first of my dedications:
is how she lives every
moment she has left

Well, I really just
wanted to use that word, heh

Tim Tim Salabim
Many fans just don't like him
but if he were slim....

Would it be simple
were he without a pimple
to love his wimple

A haiku that rhymes?
What could be next? Punk rock mimes?
These are the end times!

Foot loopy screw ball.
Could she really be insane?
I for one doubt it.
Moon Beam Mascara!
Quiet artist. Shy. But then...
Flying Panty Kick!

Bleh! I am purple!
But then, what do you think that
Murasaki is?

Sweat Drops, Nose bleeds, Sigh
Too bad it's not as easy
to tell in real life

?ysae s'ti kniht ouY
gnihtyreve daer ot evah I
!timmad ,srorrim ni

no my name is NOT
Kazakstan you idiot!
The nerve of some guys!

I am so sad that
I get no props from you guys
No love for me *bang*

Dogerel Billberg

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