Godai's Page of Haiku

This is a page of poetry written and slapped up by Godai (God AI? Hmmmmm) himself and then recorded here for your reading pleasure.

The first of Godai's Dedication series
03-22-2001 03:45 PM

Leader of them all
Brave and Valient leader, but
unsure of himself.

Goth and Dark lady
Found a man to bring her light
But destined to die

Royalty at heart
But the crown wears heavily
With the hidden past.

Master of disguise
But he cannot hide his heart
for its on his sleave

Hacker and pervert
His free spirit roams the net
as he stays at home
Student and artist
finding happiness in life
But losing it too
Searches for the truth
but is afraid to look in
her own soul's mirror
Man of mystery
is he a hero or a
minor character

Writer of it all
he brings us the joy and pain
of waiting for more
Ahh its always nice
to do some artistic work
after boring work

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