Czhorat's corny joke

for forumgoers mostly.... beware non boardies.

A vampire, Thack, and a Xenochiclet walk into a bar. Thack and the vampire take seats, while the Xenochiclet just kinda hovers behind them. The bartender asks them "What'll it be?"

The Xenochiclet responds with a complicated pictogram involving a small fish-shaped body of land, some crushed leaves, and a glacier.

The bartender looks confused. "What?"

[Complicated pictogram, involving a religious icon and a severed limb]

The bartender is starting to get annoyed. "Look... I'm only asking you one more time... WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

The xenochiclet hovers serenely [pictogram of a city skyline].

The bartender gives up in frustration and turns to Thack. "OK, at least you're human..ish. What do YOU want?"

Thack has an odd, blank look on his face. "self_eq {exit} .... where !saved CTM"

The bartender looks a bit confused. "I never heard of that, friend. What's in it?"

"disinform; discret; disobey; dis ; return syntax; error; sin; tax..."

At this point the bartender is enraged. "ALl three of you, get out of here. You're the most useless customers ever. One only talks in little pictures, one spouting nonsence, " he points at the vampire, "and YOU can't drink anything but blood. Outta my bar, NOW."

At this point Nodrog, who's been sitting at the end of the bar, quietly puts his drink down. "Hmmm.. now how did HE know that the vampire couldn't drink non-blood drinks?"

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