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Tim Alamin, 1984-2002

This page is dedicated to Tim Alamin (AKA Timin, Tim the Fanboy, and Timmespin). I, Tom the Fanboy, Timin's only friend through it all, present to you an archive of the great fanboy's wisdom and images. So enjoy the final resting place of the one, the only, Tim the Fanboy.

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Fans! Where Tim lived and died. Just a hollow echo of the greatness this site had during the golden days. Here's every page that his greatness ever appeared in:
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Don't Stand So Close to me 2
Short Skirt, Long Jacket
The Longest Speech in the World
God Made Two of 'Em
Thankful for a bad Reputation
The Obvious Conclusion
Careful What You Say
Well, Gibson IS Kind of Shy
At Long Last...
Fellowship and the Ring
Bedpan Humor
Sunset and the East
Untold Stories
Originally Named Heartbreak Hotel
Fanboy Activism
Medicating Athena
Fan Art, Fanning a Spark
Surgery and Complications
Exit Ahead
Full Moon in the Mist

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