The Fans! Action Figure Line

As concieved by Doublespeak

(Note: Everything on the character is plastic and basically unmovable unless otherwise specified. Also, I don’t know from articulation, but all should have at least 6 points, but Rumy and Thack should have at least 28 points for super karate action, and super sitting action)

Rikk- In black “I Want to Believe” T-shirt, a serious look on his face, and right hand pointing toward action.

Comes With:
-Little Fans! Comics
-Life Sized Skull Wedding Ring
-Alternate Right Hand Making ‘Live Long and Prosper” Sign.
-“Aliens are Human too!” Sign
-Wearable Aluminum Foil Helmet

Rumy- In her favorite schoolgirl uniform and a sweet look on her face

Comes With:
-Real clothe skirt (because of all the articulation…honest…)
-Sketch Pad (the Thor illustration from “Loving the Alien” on it)
-Big Red Alien
-Visual Word Balloon Stand that attaches to her back, and Big Red.
-5 Visual Word Balloons that can be Placed on the Stand
-Crushed Tea Can she can Hold

Tim- With his wide smile, and “No intelligent life here” shirt.

Comes With:
-Computer, which when a button on the back is pressed, spouts what the FIB said to Tim, Will and Rikk through it during “Fans--- Slans--- and Hyperman!”
-Hentai videos
-Wearable Aluminum Foil hat

Alisin- Mischievous grin, and wearing the cloths from “The Most Dangerous Game”

Comes With:
-Clothing is made of shiny black plastic, and is removable (but because of the kiddies she is as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll)
-Life size “Captain Earth” Ring
-Bottle she can Hold
-Lighter she can Hold
-Wearable Handcuffs
-Wearable Ballgag

Shanna- Sarcastic look on her face, wearing clothes from “Loving the Alien”

Comes With:
-Camera With Strap she can Wear
-Notepad she can Hold
-Microphone she can Hold
-Laser Pistol
-Wearable Pocket book, That can Hold Notepad and Microphone
-Shanna as a Young Girl PVC

Kat- Confident Smile, and wearing sweater and jeans.

Comes With:
-Wearable Crown, Which has a Control Chip in it if you Look Close
-Scepter she can Hold
-Mace she can Hold
-Laser gun
-Kat as a Young Girl PVC

Will- Angry look on his face, basic shirt/jeans, interchangeable heads

Comes With:
-Video Camera he can Hold
-Case w/ Machete, all Holdable
-Wearable Aluminum Foil hat
-Wearable Wolverine Claws
-Wolverine Head, Blade Head and Darth Vader Head (if applicable)
-Trivia Glasses

Agent Jones- Scowl and a black FIB suit

Comes With:
-Holdable Cigarette
-Holdable Pack of Cigarettes
-Dart gun
-File with “Confidential” stamped on it in red
-Pile of Paperwork

Thack- Smug look on his face and little metal access finger tips

Comes With:
-Thack HQ Playset: Chair that Thack can sit in, and wires on the chair that can fit into his head, along with a large control table, which has the holes that his fingers can really fit into. There are also monitors that show the picture, social security number, and weakness of each Fan! Member (as seen in the comic). Wires coming out of the table can fit into a hole in each of the fan's ear.
-Star Trek Style Chess set
-Trivia Glasses

Sully and Miller two Pack- A Dead serious look on their faces, and in their LARP gear, maybe show teeth slightly sticking out of Miller, or both.

Comes With:
-Removable Sunglasses so you can see Sully’s eye Patch and Miller’s Squint
-A Gun Each, Holdable of course
-A Holdable Blackjack
-Wearable Handcuffs


Fans! Vampire Empire Five set- Lord Ruthven Rikk, Llacrima Rumy, Sir Azzo Kat, Wolfman Tim, and Tuxedo GM Will

Comes With:
-Holdable Candle and Wine Bottle
-Holdable Sword
-Vampire Empire GM Screen
-Rule Chart
-Three Stakes that can fit into the three holes on Tim’s Stomach

Combat Ready Will- Serious look, fatigues

Comes with:
-Real working mini squirt gun that he can hold in his hand

Wedding Kimono Rumy- Interchangeable heads, one normal, and with a look of elation, and the other enlarged/impregnated with a look of pain.

Comes with:
-Alternate sketch pad with a pained drawing of Big Red
-Xenochiclet baby

Hyperman-Smug look (probably could get away with him being sold)

Comes with:
-Hyperman Comic (all comics/books are small plastic and unopenable by the way)
-Hypervision (A button on his back, that when pressed, causes his eyes to light up red.)


Guth- inquisitive look and squint

Escapism Shanna- Shocked look, hospital gown

Comes with:
-Wearable clothe straight jacket
-Hypodermic needle that can be inserted into a hole in her neck (not PC, but that’s why it is mail order)

*do not worship the Dark Lord Satan.

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