Here's all the pictures of us that I 've got.

Ian shortly after the decision to go.

Me shortly after the decision to go.

Ian ordering the tickets.

California Trio on day one

California Trio on day two

Cutters! Get in line!!!!
Hey!you to!

Special Forces of the Empire?

Goldenrod is just as charming in reality.

Fans in dark Wyoming.

This guy was included on the Sci-Fi channel!!!

Fight for the nooooooooooooooooookie!

What is a bongo you ask???

This man is a proffesional.....something....from Lucasfilm.

Ensign! Get away from that Rebel Scum!

One of these things, is not like the other.......

Funky dance party!

Mr. Producer greets the public.

Freestyling by Ray Park???

My answer to your "Mini Maul".

This is obviously out of place here!

Me and another member of the Cult of Piett.

Frightening you ask?

Moff Barcelona came all the way from sp[ain. That hand you see is from Seattle.

Which one? I dunno!

This is the other one obviously.

These two were the toast of the Celebration.

What did that stand for again?

Willow himself! Warwick Davis!

Me I think.

That's it! They're finally really here!

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