April 28, 03:00

As we stopped at "Linda's" resteraunt, I needed to retrieve a bottle of bacta solution from my luggage. Cap'n Festus grudgingly stepped away from his tabac break and grumbled as he helped me. I believe this man to be ungrateful of his position and should be transferred I would suggest demotion but, due to my travelling incognito, he was not aware of my superior rank.
My aid, ensign Ian, entered the resteraunt to purchase some foodstuffs. He reported back to me that the cluster of isolated platforms on this hyperspace junction was called the Bigg's Cluster. Needless to say I was glad when the transport re-enterred hyperspace.
I would again like to thank Grnd Admiral Hayden for selecting me to attend this conference. I will attempt to make contact with the other operatives there. As always I will seek to further the ideals of the true Empire and promote its growth. To help, I have constructed cards to give to prospecting members.

4:40 AM
The next stop was an unannouncedstop made after the Captain's usual in system wanderings. The good Captain decided it was necessary for himto wake the entire transport because the one boarder could not find himself a seat. I am rescinding my previous descision and requesting that he be put in for immediate demotion to garbage scow duty.
We have just passed over the border from the Oregon Sector to the Washington Sector.

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