April 27th,9:49
Ian and I are on our way! We've gotten seperate seats luckily and are in back. We've stopped at Corvallis and have picked up a couple new passengers. Now we are leaving the station. I am writing really slowly! Ian and I are discussing RPG stuff and trip planning.

We are treating the bus as if it was a Stormtrooper transport. When we get on the freeway we enter hyperspace,when we stop by a place it's either a planet or a station depending the town's size. So far we have stopped at Corvallis station and Planet Salem's spaceport.

At stops where we transfer buses we are on an Imperial vessel. type also depends on size. Portland and Salt Lake will likely be Ip Star Deuces; spokane an ImpStar, Billings and Cheyenne Vitories and LA a Super or Eclipse S.D.

Our ship leaving Portland was pilotted by Captain Festus and the transport's designation was GB2-2645. Our former transport was GB3-1165 piloted by Commander Black.

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