The Planning

Last week seems so long ago. It was just eight days ago that I began our (Ian and I) trip to the Star Wars Celebration. It's almost hard to remember.

First I logged onto the Internet and began sifting through the Greyhound Bus Line's web site. I soon found the four routes that would take us to Denver and the three routes that would bring us back. Two of the routes either way were two day journeys, making our trip and four nights in Denver take up just over week. Was it going to be worth giving up all that time? YES!

Because it's Star Wars

The next thing I did was search for the "Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum" where the Celebration would be held. However, the first address I used was bogus but just blocks off course. This was no big deal because both locations were on the same bus route.

The bigger problem was the discovery of the next address error, which was made when.......

In search of Denver hotels I found a list which I copied. However, this list gave me nothing useful so I found a different list which gave me addresses. Thinking to find the closest inn, I searched for the map to locate the Holiday Inn on a nearby street. Just half a mile from the site of the Celebration! Lucky me!

My luck was shortlived however, for I found an error in my address. When this error was corrected the Holiday Inn, which was previously closeby, was now neearly all the way across town. It was at this point I realized what had to be done

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