This campaign which our country has set out upon is the Campaign of Unity, and nothing has unified the human race in the past as well as a common enemy. Well my friends, I regret to inform you that I have found that common enemy. One that is as big a threat to the Coalition as it is to the Bandits of the Pecos deserts, the so-called free thinkers of Lazlo, and the rebellious people of Quebec. This enemy is an evil alien power that seeks to have all of humanity subjugated and enslaved. This enemies name, is Splynncryth.

This diabolical creature is part of a race of alien monsters known as the Splugorth. I have been informed that the Splugorth have enslaved millions of Worlds and destroyed thousands throughout the cosmos. These creatures thrive on the magical energies that have laid waste to our world.

It is these same destructive energies that drew the Splugorth to this world. They hope to use our planet as a travel center so they may spread their evil further yet. This Splugorth believes that the human race is no threat to it's empire of Evil. The monster thinks that we are merely entertainment for him until he grows tired and crushes us beneath his supernatural might. This is where he is wrong, and it is time we let him know.

This is why my father founded the Coalition States, to protect humanity from evil creatures such as the Splugorth. You soldiers shall deliver this message, not only to the Splugorth, but to any alien that would enslave the human race. We will prove once and for all that this planet belongs to US! You will be the ray of light shining in the night, guiding the way for those others who have been blinded by the darkness. You shall be the laser that incinerates our enemy's head, and the vibroblade that cuts out his demonic heart.

Despite your skills and the powerful equipment in this bay, the enemy you will face will be far more dangerous. That is why I have sanctioned the distribution and remanufacture of the vehicles formerly built by Iron Heart Armaments for use by the Coalition Armed Forces. Yours will be one of our Armies to receive these new editions.

It is with great Pride that I present to you the newest edition to the Coalition War Machine. Behold, Joseph's Blade. Joseph's Blade is a Typhoon mobile Fortress. It is just as powerful as the Fire Storm Fortress already in use, and has an improved propulsion system which allows it to travel fully submerged. Joseph's Blade shall act both as a testament to the ideals set down by my father, and a message of the awareness my son strived to spread. That the supernatural spawn of the rifts will not be tolerated by Earth's true people, and that we shall not rest until the last of their kind is purged from our planet.

In addition to these growths in Military power, I am happy to announce the upcoming charter of two new states to the Coalition. The first state has been a long time ally of the C.S. and up until now has been known simply as Fort Eldorado. In several weeks however, It shall be unveiled as the Coalition State of Dixie.

Our other new member is a surprisingly recent ally. Due to a decisive battle, in which many of you took part, and the cooperation of the remaining human populace. The former enemy nation of New Lazlo has scorned its deviant parent and now stands ready to help in the battle for Earth. Unlike Dixie however, the people there must rebuild much of what the mystical traitors to our race destroyed in their vain struggle against us. Once they are renewed however, they shall stand as a symbol that humankind can retake what the rifts and those from them have stolen. It shall no longer be known as New Lazlo, but as the Coalition State of Mo Town.

These two states will not only give us increased resources to call upon but increased defense against Lazlo and added security for our ships on the Mississippi.

With Weapons like Joseph's Blade, two new States at our side, and the dedication of loyal troops such as yourselves, there is no doubt in my mind that we shall see the end of the Splugorth Invaders before this Decade is out.

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