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The History of the Syren.
Written & submitted by Tom Munkres

One of the few Interdictors used during Emporer Palpatine's rule, the Syren served in the Kuat Sector's Fleet until the Death of Palpatine at the Battle of Endor. For the short time afterwards. The Syren worked as perimeter defense of Kuat Drive Yards, Pulling marauding pirate or former Imperial Warlords out of Hyperspace before they could reach KDY. Kuat was most greatful for this. During this time the Syren and the Kuati defense force grew quite fond of working with one another. It was during this time that the garrisons only remaining TIE squadron (the others had left system with their ships to join Warlords or retreat to the Safer Core Worlds) was placed under the Syren's Command. One of the few successful attacks upon Kuat Drive Yards which took place during the time after Palpatines death was when a group of pirates and others (under the command of Warlord Zsinj attacked KDY and stole a nearly completed Super Star Destroyer, Razor's Kiss (as can be read in the X-wing novel Iron Fist). The Syren was going through it's decade tune up when the attack was launched (probably one of the reasons it occured at that time) and did not see much action in the battle. However, Captain Draani observed a Pirate Corvette that had innovated a new method of launching TIEs. Instead of using the fighter bay in it's prow to launch it's entire compliment, it used it's escape pods as launch tubes for four of it's TIEs. Since the 23rd was under his command and being that Interdictors do not have enough room to store a squadron of TIEs, Captain Draani saw to it that this new launching mechanism was added to the Syren. Six Locking clamps and access tubes were added to the port and starboard edges of the Syren so that not only could the Syren transport it's squadron to staging areas, but launch the entire squadron at once if neccesary. All of these additions were added at great cost to the Captain and the Commander of the 23rd (Janus Arinia), as well as some of the ship's officers who thought it was a wise addition (one of the strongest backers of this was a former Kuati engineer, Thomas Munkres, who then served as a Lieutenant-Commander on board the Syren).

Upon one instance, Captain Draani developed the Hyper-Sling Maneuver when going into battle against a group of pirates. Using a pinpoint Hyperspace jump to just before the positon of a group of Pirate vessels, the Captain launched the squadron as soon as the Syren re-entered Realspace. However, since the momentum of their journey at FTL speeds had not yet been fully compensated for by the TIEs, the rocketed forward at nearly double their normal speed. With this added momentum the squadron was able to catch the Pirates by surprise and do quite a bit of damage before they could launch their own fighters (by this time the Syren had arrived to provide back up).

Upon hearing of Piett's ascension to Emporer, the former Captain Draani sent a comm message to the fleet requesting his inclusion in the Reborn Empire. Unfortunately, in one of the Syren's first battles under Imperial command (working with a squadron of Star Destroyers to catch a Rebel Convoy escaping Raaltir) it was nearly destroyed. The Syren was rammed by a Rebel Nebulon B, named The Shining Dagger attempting to disable it's gravity well projectors. The maneuver suceeded, the front fin of the Neb-B hit the top-starboard projector from above, smashing it and twisting the Syren. Instead careening past, the engine pods of the frigate also smashed into the top-port projector and scraping along the hull. Along with a great deal of engineering crew, Captain Draani died in this battle and several ships in the rebel convoy escaped, including the Neb-B. Command of the Syren was then transferred to now Line Captain Thomas Munkres, a former member of KDY's Security force. Since the episode at Raaltir, Kuat has refurbished the Syren spectacularly. Due to the Syren's help in the protection of KDY during it's interim, not only did KDY REPLACE the Syren's power generator (which was cracked by the gravity well generator's explosions) with that of an VSD, but (At Captain Munkres' request) a Planetary Ion cannon was integrated into the ship's prow. Due to the power restrictions aboard the Syren, the Ion Cannon cannot be fired at it's full power or at it's optimum rate of fire. Never the less, it is a formidible weapon which,under the right circumstances, can fully immobilize a craft as large as a Nebulon-B. As it is the cannon takes most of the ship's energy to be fired, leaving only enough power for life support and one main system (either propulsion,lazer batteries, or shields) to opperate. It is because of this that the ion cannon is only used in emergencies, ambushes, and only rarely in fleet battles.

Under the Command of Grand Moff Munkres, The Syren Still guards Kuat vigilantly. Hoping to make the Empire, the people of Kuat, and Emperor Piett proud.

The current notable crew of the Syren are as follows:
Commanding Officer: Grand Moff Tom Munkres
Engineering: Ensign Stephen Blaine Keith
Ensign Misha Kaneaster
Morale/Life Support: Ensign Lyle Clingman (pending)-Galley
Ensign Vallerie Allen-Event Planning
Ensign Heather Hawks-Event Planning
Gunnery: Ensign Ryan Trapp
Gravity Well Operations:
Ion Cannon operations:Ensign Mark Vandehey
Crewman Brian Eugene
Docking Bay Operations:
Sick Bay:Ensign Dr. Gregory Eck (pending)-Current Sick Bay Chief.
Unnassigned:Ensign Peter Gonzales.

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