The Cult Of Piett

End at Endor.
Written & submitted by Tom Munkres

I think it is needless to say
That the Empire'd have won the day
If that A-wing hadn't got in the way.

Piett's crew had been on a roll
To them this job was a stroll
Just sit there and stay in control.

The lasers were all powered up.
The destroyers arrayed like a cup.
And the Deathstar still had it's shields up.

The deathstar destroyed a few ships,
so the radar then showed less blips,
and the rebel who lasted did flips.

But then their fleet began to turn
and new targets their lasers did burn,
so both fleets, intermingled, did churn.

The Executor shot down a few scum
The great turbolasers on it did hum.
Until four small fighters did come.

An A-wing of new rebel build
it's pilots with hopeful thoughts filled
Lasers into the 'Cutor they drilled.

The tiny red fighters went zoom
The shield generator went boom
and that was the start of it's doom.

For a Y-wing and A-wing aproached
and since the gunners there were coached
The Y-wing quickly got poached.

The A-wing however got winged
and and upward it's vector was swinged
so that towards the bridge it zinged.

The fighter smashed right through the port
and inflamed the officers court.
The lives of that Pit Crew were short.

But we all know one man escaped
and with a new Empire shaped
the galaxy he will retake

Piett shall destroy the rebel fleet
and a horrible and they will meet
when they're crushed 'neth the admiral's feet.


The End

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