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23rd TIE Squadron

After the death of Palpatine, the Impstar to which the 23rd Imperial TIE squadron was assigned to fled to the Corporate Sector without them. Since then, they have served in Kuat's Imperial garrison in conjunction with the two other units which remained (the Interdictor Syren and the oversized Stormtrooper platoon that held the garrison's base).

When they were brought into existence they were dubbed the Avenging Eagles because they were assigned to the Imperial Star Destroyer Gorna's Wrath. Gorna was a being from the planet Bromlo's mythology. Gorna was a falconeer who commanded a group of birds as his army. Thus, each squadron of TIEs had a name dealing with birds. (Unknown to most Gorna was actually a Sith magician who had removed all of the birds' minds and replaced them with his will, rather ironic eh?) Due to the theme of Gorna's Wrath many people consequently confused it with the ISD Talon

When Gorna's Wrath fled system, the Avenging Eagles were left behind. The 23rd stationed themselves on one of Kuat's orbital defense stations. Due to the launch mechanisms, constructed at the order of Commander Janus Arinia the squadron's leader, being scrapped together by Kuati men who saw the Sienar fighters as nothing but cheap spare parts. The bays which held the TIEs were dark do to the low maintenance priority given them by the arrogant Kuati. It was both because of the status of their bays, their being abandoned by their ship, and the fact that the Kuati just plain disrespected them; that the squadron earned the nick name the Sulking Eagles. Much to the chagrin of Commander Arinia and his pilots, the name stuck.

After Zsinj's forces attacked and the Syren was modified to have TIE carrying capabilities, the men of the 23rd hoped they could return to being the Avenging Eagles once more. However, due to the exterior manner of their launching system the engineers modifying the ship dubbed them the Mynocks. The pilots heard this and were perterbed, the Avenging Mynocks wasn't so bad, even if it was a bit silly. But on the day when they flew their TIEs up to be docked with the Syren, they realized it was much worse than that. Due to the overhang of the top hull plating, the TIE brackets were in deep shadows unless the Syren was at the proper angle to the sun. Ever since then, the men (and women, there are three) of the 23rd TIE Squadron have been known as the Sulking Mynocks.

Despite the jokes made behind their backs and the nickers that this name recieves, the 23rd are able pilots who serve their Captain well. Each of them is highly skilled with the use of the launch brackets and, due to the use of the Hyper Sling Maneuver, has an extremely high resistance to G-Forces. This has made the pilots of the 23rd quite strong and resilient, which is why most of the jokes about them are made anonymously or behind their backs. These pilots are 80% veterans and fly standard TIEs, they feel anyone who needs the protection of shields (TIE Adv.) or a caffeinated Ion engine (TIE Int) isn't a REAL TIE pilot at all. They have more respect for TIE bomber pilots than the others, due to their targetability and their damage potential.

The pilots of the 23rd have grown accustomed to being made fun of, it has thickened their hides and they are stronger for it.

Here are some of the pilots currently serving in the ranks of the 23rd TIE Squadron.

Brevet-Commander Janus Arinia (Sulk One:Wing One)
Anonymous (Sulk Two)
Anonymous (Sulk Three)
Anonymous (Sulk Four)
Lieutenant Charles Trapp(Sulk Five:Wing Two)
Ensign Kevin Temple (Sulk Six)
Ensign Lawrence Wilson (Sulk Seven)
Anonymous (Sulk Eight)
Anonymous Lieutenant (Sulk Nine:Wing Three)
Anonymous (Sulk Ten)
Anonymous (Sulk Eleven)
Anonymous (Sulk Twelve)
Anonymous (Sulk Prime:Rescue Shuttle)

If You wish to become one of the proud members of this squadron please contact High Admiral Tom Munkres.

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