The Convoy Of Piett

Smuggler's Convoy
Written & submitted by Tom Munkres

*comm chatter:
"Yeah breaker one nine this here's Captain Slick you got a copy on me Whiptail? C'mon"
"Oh yeah 10-4, Cap. Slick fer sure, fer sure. By golly it's clean clear to hyperspace, C'mon."
"Oh yeah that's a big 10-4 there Whiptail. Yeah we've definitley got the front hatch good buddy. Mercy sakes alive looks like we got ourselves a convoy...."*

It was Standard Two ('bout planetside noon) in a Corvette full of hogs
flying into orbit with Modal Nodes on and a Sorosuub haulin' logs.
We was headin' for Hyperspace Route 10 'bout a klick outta 'Eisley town
I said "Whiptail this here's Captain Slick and I'm about put the blast stud down."

Chorus Girls:
We got a little old convoy flyin' through the night.
We got little old convoy ain't she a beautiful sight
C'mon and join our convoy ain't nuthin' like you'll ever see
We gonna fly this sithspawn convoy 'cross the galaxy.

*comm chatter: Yeah Breaker, Cap. Slick this here's Whiptail. Ya wanna back off those hogs?*

*comm chatter: 10-4. About five klicks or so. 10 rodger. Them refuse leaks get intense back here.*

By the time we got to the Coporate Sect. we had 85 ships in all
There was a Interdictor up on the sensor screen and the pirates were hull to hull
Yeah them fighters were thick as mynocks on cables, I compared them to our fleet's size
and said "Callin' all ships this' Captain Slick and we about to go huntin' TIEs."

We got a great big convoy fightin' through the night.
We got a great big convoy ain't she a beautiful sight
c'mon and join our convoy we'll space these mercs you'll see.
We gonna fly this sithspawn convoy 'cross the galaxy.

*comm chatter: Uh, you wanna give me a ten-niner on that Cap'n Slick?*


*comm chatter: Uh, Negatory good buddy your still to close. Yeah them leaks are startin' to close up my coolant valves, mercy sakes ya better back off another ten.*

Well we Zipped up Hyperspace 44 like a Rodian on Spice.
the pirates had scored our hulls up bad so our ships weren't lookin' nice.
By the time we hit Kuat's yards , them Mercs was gettin' smart
brought in some reinforcement, from the Sector's Imperial guard.
There were Star Destroyers, Lancer Frigates, and ships of every size,
Yeah them dockin' shuttles were full of Troopers. Imp pilots manned the TIEs.
Well we shot the line and went for broke with a thousand smuggler ships,
and a modified Mon Cal luxury cruiser, whose passengers missed their trips.

*comm chatter: Yeah Captain Slick this here's Bantha Horn. Yeah, 10-4. You wanna put that shield ship in there ahead of that Selonian? Yeah she's haulin' thermal detonators and she needs all the help she can get.*

Well we laid a course for Coruscant and prepared to break their line.
I could see their lasers warming up but I knew they were out of time.
I said "Whiptail this here's Captain Slick I just ain't gonna pay no tax!"
So we broke their shields with a displacer field. I says "Smugglers kick Imp ass! 10-4!!!!!!"

We got a mighty convoy flyin' through the night.
We got a mighty convoy ain't she a beautiful sight?
C'mon and join our convoy! It's a smuggler's life for me!
We gonna fly this sithspawn convoy 'cross the galaxy!

*comm chatter:Ten-four Whiptail this here's Captain Slick what's your twenty?*

*comm chatter:Aggamaria! Well they oughtta know what to do with them hogs out there fer sure fer sure. Well mercy sakes good buddy we're gonna head on outta here. Keep the mynocks off the hull and the Imps off yer tail. We'll catch ya on the flip flop. This here's Captain Slick into Hyperspace, we gone! bye bye.*


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