Unskilled Vagabond
by Steve
based on Wherever I May Roam by Metallica

The winding road is my pride
You can keep your farm and bride
Where I travel I decide
Billy Beer keeps me satisfied
It's all I need
And with the beer in throat I crave
I need not wash or shave
To hygine all you stay a slave.

Drinker Wayfarer
Unskilled Vagabond
Call me what you will
but I'll take my beer anywhere
I'll scrounge and steal anywhere
Though I can't spell anywhere
Anywhere 's my roam
It's about getting drunk and stoned

Any patch of earth can be my "throne"
to me soap is an unknown
While wandering I groan,
scratch myself and puke up foam
I has no one
All my bottles I lick clean
The less I've had, the more I train
I'll beat your ass if you take my can


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