the Drama
by Tom
based on The Metal by Tenacious D

*awesome guitar shredding intro*

You can't kill the drama
The drama will live on
Programming tried to kill the drama
But they failed, as they were ignored to the ground
The Board tried to kill the drama
But they failed, as they were betrayed down to the ground
Ops tried to kill the drama Ha,hahahahaha
They failed, as the yojimbo were thrown to the ground
Aargh! yaow! [x2]

*awesome guitar shredding bridge*
[Singing and mellow guitar]

No-one can destroy the drama
The drama will strike you like a knife in the back
We are the wounded foes of the drama
We could not fend off the endless attack

*shredding returns*
Alto-Nimbus tried to outvote the Drama, but the drama's here to stay
Ops then tried to defy the drama, but drama had its way
Programming tried to shout down the drama, but drama went right through
Volunteers tried to ignore the drama, but volunteers were dragged in too

It comes from hell!

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