It's not Supernatural
by Brian
based on It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones

It's not unusual to have boons with anyone.
It's not unusual to trade contacts with anyone.
But when we see you using Theft on anyone...
It's not unusual... to see you die.
Oh, it makes my cry.
It's not unusual to cast rituals all the time
But when I see you hording them up, it's such a crime.
If you should ever want to be diabbed by anyone,
It's not unusual - No matter what you say, it happens every day.
You'll find it happens all the time.
Anarchs will never do what you want them to.
Why can't Primogenship be mine?
It's not unusual for you to swoon over anyone.
It's not unusual, with those boons to everyone.
But if I ever find that you've changed, at any time...
It's not unusual to find that you were Malkavian!

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