Lance's Lament
by Nodrog Skrap
to the tune of Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof by Travis Tritt

I'm a news show man
That's plain to see
But nowhere near as well known
As I'd like to be
But I've found the die
And I made my plee
To be a super hero and bulletproof

Now, I've got a double
Who always saves the day
And I wonder if all I am
as in the way
'Bout every time
I go on T.V.
about the hero who's bulletproof

Well, I wanted to feel like Superman
Only to find that this magic
ain't reliable
You'd think I'd tell the truth
But, I just chicken out
Each time I want to tell the world
About Lance and Mr. Bulletproof

These women left me
They called me a clown
That's not the general consensus
In this town
But I'll have it coming
If they go tell the truth
About Lance not being super and bulletproof.


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