The Cult Of Piett

Written & submitted by Stephen Keith

Jedi, Jedi, are everything they say
and nothing they'd rather be
how else could you help a half a million beings
All by a quarter to three.
But when they sent Qui Gon on that mission,
ooh that blockade mission,
He didn't come back with a smile,
he gave them some real bad news
that really really drove 'em wild

He said the heart of a Sith Lord was still beating,
and from what Obi saw they beleive him.
Now the council's having trouble breathing,
but the heart of a Sith Lord is still beating

Naboo, Planet side, at the Capitiol
is somthing everyone should see
Water Falls and the pretty pretty Hall
all buit so architecturally.
But two Jedi on their mission
that free people mission
they don't want a lot of flash
but when Quai-Gon's killed by old Black/Red face
Obi really really kicks him in the

But the heart of a Sith Lord's still beating
that's what Yoda said (I beleive him)
Now Darth Maul's in two easy peices,
but the heart of a Sith Lord is still beating

Endor, Coruscant and Republic Council, Naboo and Tatooine
everwhere there's evil, everywhere they can think of
Jedi search for the evil Guy
But none of them would ever guess
that he was under their noses the whole while

They know the heart of a Sith Lord is still beating
And soon Anakin will belive them
Come the #2 in the series
There'll be two of the Sith Lords, and the Jedi will take a Beating!

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