All the Malkies
By Tom Munkres, inspired by Brian and Erin
based on All the Small Things by Blink 182

All the, Malkies
Know what, truth brings
Iíll drink, one trait
then know, my fate
Always, we know
Who'll win best of show
Botching, baiting, mind penetrating
Kaiser Say-so, I can't let go, I'm the Grand Moff, carry my gnome!

(in rythm instead of Nananana.....)
Tinkerbelle thinks that Bradley is a queer
but where is Arthur oh yeah, he's "Tremere"
Thomas Ramosa, ha that's a good one
Doctor Bob's childe is handy with a gun

Late night, my head glows
We suck, that joke blows
Ghoul left me blood traits by the stairs,
the Bond is what makes sure she cares
Ettelemo, lous ym elggo, dab iromof, live s'yenom!

Viva la Detective Dan and his pants
F. Lion Wall knows all of the best chants
I'm a bandito and antitribu
I'll kill the happy spoons before you do!

Good boys say No!, Ease up the flow, take the top off, fill it with foam
shake your head well, or itíll be hell, and the night will go on, a little pell-mell

these drapes have to go, I like indiglo, turn the lights off,
you'll see it from home
Keep your ghoul still, then drink your fill, down some troron,
or was it boron?
and swallow your pill

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