Level 5
by Tom

based on Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters

Run and tell all of the players
This could take all night
Think I need the DM to help me
Get things right

Hook me up a good dungeon to crawl
Cos this one is too light
We sat around laughing
At the creatures with one hit die

I'm looking for some monsters for slayin'
Looking for to snuff out a life
Looking for something whose difficulty's high

I'm looking behind the DM screen
Looking cos I'm tired of dying
Take my dice back home
When I'm level five

Think I'm done regaining hit points
I can last one night
I'll keep them all away
If you bless me one last time

We fight happily, never trapped
If you just save my life
Pray and tell your godess
That everything's a fight


Fight along with me
I can't quite kill it alone
Try to take it's life my own


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