Guth on this Page
by Nodrog
based on Gump/Lump by Weird Al Yankovich/The Presidents of the United States of America.

Guth sat alone on a computer net
"F I B" alerts he universely set
Sendin' out the word with his hand on the keyboard
He just kept puttin' up those letters of discord

He's Guth, He's Guth
What in that word?
He's Guth, He's Guth, He's Guth
A super nerd?

Guth is a big net junkee,
He told A L L about the F I B,
He never feels too dumb because
His IQ is higher then Einstien's ever was.

He's Guth, He's Guth
He's kinda square
He's Guth, He's Guth, He's Guth
What's with that stare?

Post... Post... Post, Post, now Guth-er
Post... post... post like the wind now
Post... Post... Post, Post, now Guth-er
Post... stop! (last word to be said by a very distraught Jones)

His buddies Fan-ns are attacking the Fib
Their friend with no 'mag they call 'Shanna crib'
His hacking Keenspace is kind of a joke
Went over the world web, Fib is going up in smoke

He's Guth, He's Guth,
He's very bright,
He's Guth, He's Guth, He's Guth
But he's all right

Is this Guth out on the web? I think so
Is this Guth a real egg-head? I think so
Did this Guth post lots of threads? I think so
I don't have much to say other than that.. (Last line to be said/sung by Vallie Girl)

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