by Molly, with help from Tyson
to the tune of Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof

Darius: Charissa, Charissa, please make me your ghoul.
Iím brave and Iím smart, and really no fool.
Charissa, Charissa, please make me the one,
And Iíll be the perfect ghoul.

Charissa, Charissa, Iíll be so niceó
Iím not a Hellís Angel, but a Biker for Christ.
Tooling around on my bike, youíll be
The envy of the coterie.

For a medium, youíre pretty normal.
For a Nos, youíre a sexy young thing.
I hate for things to be formal,
But you donít tell me anything!

Charissa, Charissa, Iím three steps bloodbound.
Iím starting to miss you when youíre not around.
Night after night, in St. Johnís, Iím alone,
So make me a ghoul of your own.

Charissa: Darius, oh Darius, am I the vamp for you!
Iím cultured! Iím pretty! (I like dead people too.)
But Iím a nice girl, a live girl. True? True!
I promise I wonít tell you anything to cause you stress,
And Iíll make up stories, so you wonít guess!

Sabbat? Camarilla? Secret societies!
Vampires? Bloodhunts? Just antique niceties.
Cryptic inside jokesónothing more.
Danger? Thereís a littleóIíd like to learn to brawl,
But purely for my defense, thatís all.

For the moment, though, ignore that. Youíre what Iím looking foró
Youíre caring, intelligent, calm, and affectionateÖdid I mention weíre in a war?
Darius: Charissa, Charissa, thatís sort of bizarre.
But I still like you just as you are.
Iíll teach you to shoot and Iíll teach you to fight
And help you to do whatís right.

Frankly, I donít quite get itó
Some things just arenít adding up.
Like why youíre alwaysÖforget it,
I just realized youíre a C-cup!

Charissa, Charissa, let me be your man.
Iíll play it cool. Donít be concernedó
Though Iím a Believer, youíll never get burned.
So letís meet with the Prince, fight the Sabbat,
Kick us some ass, teach me the rules,
And Iíll be the best of ghouls!

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