I write the Fics
by Tom the Fanboy
based onI write the songs by Barry Manilow

I've been alive forever, and I wrote the very first 'fic
I put ideas and the characters together
I am fandom and I write the 'fics

I write the 'fics that make conventions laugh
I write the 'fics of Trek and Ranma 1/2
I write the 'fics that make the heroes die
I write the 'fics, I write the 'fics

My home lies deep within you
And I've got my own place in your brain
Now, when you drink that fine caffeine
I'm awake again, and I feel a bit insane


Oh my fanfics make you sream
About how authors can be so mean
And I wrote some yaoi so you can heave
Fanfics that pique your mind
Well, where some good ideas you find
From right here, it goes far
It goes far, from in here
It's a worldwide web premier!



I am fandom (fandom) and I write the 'fics

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