by Steve
based on Enter Sandman by Metallica

Range: kilometers 1
Aiming frags. Mission:
to kill D-Bee scum
check wingman formation
Delta Three by Six
Start first striking run

rail gun on full open
missiles rip into flight
Target in sights
screams in fright
Take that demon
I'll send you back to hell again

Something's wrong, check your sights
that glowing blue light
some mages want to fight
This is war, betraying liars!
I will brave the dragon's fire,
shoot the things that can bit!



Now I lay in my bunk to sleep
Data from my mission debrief
May I die before we take
Down the Lords of foul Tolkein
But I don't mind, wouldn't change a thing
I kill the beasts and the undead
So my family can live instead

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