by Tom
based on Enter Sandman by Metallica

Power up, time for fun
Don't forget your gun
gotta kill everyone
Where you been? Our mission
Search and destroy again
These bastards got my son
Keep your eyes wide open
Gripping your rail gun tight

Now depart
Iron Heart
Take your licks
We're off to kill some Xiticix

Something's wrong, RADAR light
guess it's time to fight
make the formation tight
shoot them low, shoot them higher
set their hives on fire
make them feel CS might
Keep your eyes wide open
Gripping your railgun tight



Now I lay me down to sleep (x2)
I pray that we're not in too deep (x2)
And if they strike before I waks (x2)
I pray at least Duluth we take (x2)

Hush little dogboy don't say a word
best get out your vibrosword
we'll kill the bugs like Prosek said
Shoot them down and make them dead!

CHORUS (replacing "take......Xiticix" with "Took out licks, We're back to here some Stevie Nix")


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