by Brian
based on Cowboy by Kid Rock

Well I'm packin' up my guns and I'm a head to L.A.
Where the real Anarchs come equipped with Glocks and AK's.
Find a haven in the barrens, chill like MacNeil
Steal some military hardware, find a spot to deal.
I'm gonna Anarch it up and down the Coast,
Make the Princes toast like a sunlight roast.
Buy a Hummer with a sticker that says 'keep on the grass'
Find a Camarilla wanker, bust a cap in his ass.
Leave the pawns for the sun, feed where you please,
Blowin' up cars, bring the Man to his knees.
Vitae when you want it… don't bow to the crown;
Find the Domain cringing while the Prince holds them down.
Start an arms operation, with a bit off the top,
Rent yourself a wherehouse and buy off the cops.
I'm an Anarch, and I'm the real McCoy,
And I'm heading to L.A. sucker… because I wanna be an

Anarch, baby
With the boots laced high and machine guns blazing…
Anarch, baby
Out for Ventrue-Tipping and a Chantry razing…
I wanna be an Anarch, baby
Kill twice as much at night; gotta sleep all day…
Anarch, baby
I can smell the Scourge from a mile away.

I bet you'll hear the Ventrue wailing when my gang goes to war,
They go (screams) like a flaccid Toreador.
Anarch life, Anarch law, Anarch 'till the end,
Eugene sucks ass… maybe I'll go to Bend.
Got the Brujah at my back and I'll be siezing Praxis,
Live in Bishop's Mansion, go to bed with Joey Maxxis.
And when the time is right, I'm gonna make my move, boy,
And let Robert Bishop know, that's why they call me an


Yeah, I'm Anarch and you can call me Trent,
I'ma go tell Bishop he can go get bent.
Seen a Torrie in a 'vette, pulled up alongside,
Said, "The Prince hates your art… and your hips are wide"
Won't shit ya, gonna hit ya, and then you're gonna fall,
I ain't dumb, say I'm scum, that's why I come with a gun,
Got no Status with the Sheriff, I'm his favorite case,
Let his streets flow with blood, and give his ghoul the Embrace (huh)
Cause Breaches; what can they do to Leeches?!
I like killin' Gangrel 'cause I hate the dog features.
Crazy like Malks, twinks like Tremere,
Kill off the Prince's Influences then knock back a beer.
Now they wanna Blood Hunt me… Assamites offer to do the job for free.
I ain't no antitribu, I'm just a Pariah
If I wasn't such a pansy I would Diab' my Sire.
Vain like a Torrie, but I'll mess that bitch up.
My only Dominate command is [Camarilla Edit]<"Diablerize Bishop">
I'm flauntin' my "Freedom" in a Ventrue Domain.
But the Assa-Setite got me; I'm in a world of pain.


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