Alisin's Song
by Maccabee
based on The Safety Dance by....?

We can screw if ya want to
We can leave your friends behind
‘Cuz yer friends don’t screw and if they don’t screw
Well they’re no friends of mine!

Say, we can screw in the bathtub!
That’ll be fun don’t you think?
And we can act like we come from out of this world
‘Cuz I know that’s yer favorite kink!

We can make
The bed sing!

Drag it out if we want to,
Night is young and so am I.
And we can dress or not, though my new corset’s hot--
I love the way the vinyl shines!

We can screw if we want to
If we don’t nobody will.
Wait, that doesn’t make sense! Show a little patience!
Rikky don’t be such a pill!

Say, we can screw! We can screw!
Everything’s under control!
We can screw! We can screw!
Baby let me play with yer pole!
We can screw! Like bunnies do!
‘Xcept we’re not so heavily furred!
We can screw! We can screw!
Let me eat my sweet sweet nerd (her-er-erd...)

What’s the safety word?
We need a safety word!
Yes a safety word!

We can play how you want to
We’ve got all your life and mine
Long as we abuse it, you can get to choose it.
Everything’ll work out fine.

Say, we can boff! We can boff!
Boy, you better get my rocks off!
We can boff! We can boff!
Rikky turn your head and cough (au-au-auf)!

What’s the safety word?
We need a safety word!
What’s the safety wor-hord?
We need a safety word!
Just a safety word!
Any safety word!
A little safety wor-hord!
What’s the safety word?

What’s the safety word?
Just a safety word.
What’s the safety word?
Just a safety word!

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