99 Jӓger Goons
by Tom
based on Nena's 99 Red Balloons

This song references the comic Girl Genius by Studio Foglio.

Bill and I in the Kestle work shop

Fix the last couple boys with the parts that we've got 

We open the door, 'fore they break it down 

Til one by one, they're in the town

Back at base, clanks with Helio-ware

Flash the message, The Other's out there!

Thunder in the summer sky

99 Jӓger goons let fly

99 Jӓger goons 

Shooting at the vague bad guys 

Panic bells, it's red alert

There's bug things here from somewhere else 

The war machine springs to life 

Irising one lifeless eye 

Focusing it on the sky
as 99 Jӓger goons let fly 

99 steps down the street

99 officers meet 

To flurry, flurry, in a hurry

Moving so fast they are blurry 

"Dis is vhat We vere made for

"Dis is it boyz, Dis is war! 

"In De Name of Heterodyne!"

As 99 Jӓger goons let fly

99 knights of the air

Ride Aethe-tropic-othopters

Even Othar Tryggvassen

Gentlemen Adventurer 

Helps shoot down and liquify 

Electrify, and gassify

Other minions in the sky

99 Jӓger goons let fly

99 deaths in the town

And every one a Jӓger goon

Battle's done and it wasn't pretty

In this mighty fortress city

Townsfolk 're making souvenirs

To cash in on the battle here

And here is a Jӓger goon

I fix his leg, and let him go

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